What do you think of the Legend of Bruce Lee?
Oct 23, 2008 03:54
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Recently, the Legend of Bruce Lee, a 50-episode TV series filmed by mainland has been shown by CCTV-1 at prime time. Surprisingly, it hasn’t been welcomed by the audience. Many people said that they were disappointed by that TV series. Kwok-Kwan Chan who plays the role of Bruce Lee performs just so so and there are too many interesting things. The air-conditions appear many times. A guy wears Arsenal’s 2005-2006 uniform. You even can see a guy’s mp3 in that series. I can help suspecting the director’s competence. Although it is not good enough as we expected, the Legend of Bruce Lee will be released overseas. It is said that this 50-episode TV series will be shown in Singapore next month.

Did you watch the Legend of Bruce Lee? What do you think of it?

Oct 23, 2008 03:55
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The air-condtion.

Oct 23, 2008 03:56
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What is it, a digital camera or mp3?

Oct 28, 2008 05:20
GUESTQ Gosh i will certainly look out for the series; the late Bruce Lee is still my kung fu hero for so many years. Even though his movies were made before my time, i've been thoroughly mesmerized by this incredible talent as an actor and a kungfu master.

To illustrate an example of my hero worship (i know it sounds silly) i even ate at the Kungfu chain of restaurants in Guangzhou when i was there - they served good Chinese meals on the go and the signboards have this prominent graphic picture of Bruce Lee which was what attracted me.

RIP my master of all master - you have given the world a beautiful dose of Chinese culture - thank you forever!!
Jan 5, 2009 18:18
GUEST95698 A very good one I think, though I think some are dramatized, don't miss it
The fight, the story, the struggle, meaning of life, laugh and tears all become one
May 17, 2010 10:56
GUESTISAAC HO I am a fan of the late Bruce Lee. And I think the docu-drama: The Legend of Bruce Lee by CCTV is superb in the sense that many details about the late actor were never known until now...! I believe that CCTV made an excellent movie, despite some technical flaws, of this famous CHINESE personality. Without Bruce Lee on the silver screen, there would be no David Geraldine, there would be no Jack Chan, there will be no Jet Li, there would be no Chuck Norris, there will be no Van Dam and there will no martial arts movies ever made nor atttempted by the "discriminative and racist" Hollywood which at one time, but thanks to Mr. Lee Jun Fhan aka Bruce Lee, all the later actors and films about Chinese martial arts are now known throughout the world. I sacrifice my sleep for more than 24 hours in order to watch this excellent documentary on the late Bruce Lee. I congratulate the Chinese producers and the Chinese cinematographic crew for bringing the film of all films about Bruce Lee to the international audience. Let's hope, in passing, that this film would have an English subtitle for the benefit of all non-Chinese viewers soon. May the soul of Bruce Li rests in Eternal Peace...! Amen.
PS: The Chinese have never been " A Sick Man of Asia "...this is a racial slur which is condemned against the European and Jap the Chinese are innovative, dynamic and brilliant...and Bruce Lee is a good example and a role model for all Chinese whether living in China or overseas...and our ancestral homeland CHINA is a real A SUPERPOWER TODAY...!!!!
Oct 30, 2010 21:25
GUEST00212 i really enjoy watching the legend of bruce lee i love to watch him fight i think it is a really enjoyable film
Dec 13, 2010 03:18
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Bruce Lee is really a talent for most Chinese ,and he is also an idol for many young man at that time ,even nowadays. I just watch some part of this serial ,so i can't comment on that.
Dec 31, 2010 06:50
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I love his films and watched em literally 200 times! lol an absolute legend!

- Mark
Jan 1, 2011 01:04
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I am some kind of a freak about movies. If there is some kind - any kind - of mistake it is ruined.

The history of movies contents so many mistakes. I remember a movie knights fighting in a ship in Thames and there at the river bank went a truck with a big photo of Carlsberg beer. Some other middle-time movie guys fighting with swords the other had a watch on his wrist. One black-and-white movie Charles Bronson was an illegal boxer. He fought without gloves. One morning he was jogging and in a street corner you could see the shadow of the camera group.
The list goes on and on.

Film cutting is one thing I watch closely. Changing cameras is the real test for the guy who does that cutting. So many times the front camera shows a man holding a gun in his right hand. Quick change and look from behind he uses his both hands, again change and again the gun is in the right hand... makes me crazy... or am I already?...

Anyway, I like Bruce movies but if I ever can see that new production it will only be looking for mistakes, so for me it is ruined...

Jan 2, 2011 21:08
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Tangshan earthquake directed by Feng Xiaogang, a very famous director in China is also ruiined. Some props that shouldn't have appeared appeared in the movie, for example, Red Bull (a drink). If you watch some Chinese costume plays, you will find many mistakes too.

Some mistakes can be excused but some can't. If you find a guy in Qin Dynasty quotes a poem made by a poet in Tang Dynasty, please do not be surprised. I found this mistake in a Chinese TV serials.
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