Help, How to divorce chinese woman?
Nov 11, 2013 22:59
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if you get married in China must divorce in China. otherwise she can not remarry.
but if you are an irresponsible guy, Chinese marriage is not valid in other countries unless you register in your own city hall. I know some cases the husbands just disappeared left wives in China can not remarry.
Jan 2, 2015 12:10
GUEST20156 yes
im in the same situation, i got married in Nanjing and my soon to be ex wife is from Jiangsu province. You can download the documents from the place where you married your wife than sign it, have her sign it and send it back to China where you got married.

No need to go through a lawyer unless if shes asking for you assets ect
Feb 26, 2016 19:02
GUEST20856 I just helped an American citizen who married a Chinese citizen in China get the ball rolling to Divorce her. No you DO NOT HAVE TO GO BACK TO CHINA. Go to the website for your local court. Example; in Brooklyn NY go to the Kings County court website and search for "Uncontested Divorce" and search for the forms. If the wife is willing to sign forms it will be over faster, if not you can still get it over with pretty quickly.
1. Fill out the forms to initiate Divorce (Summons & Verified Complaint) and pay a filing fee at the clerk's office. It's $210 in New York. The Divorce is filed now.
2. Fill out a divorce waiver form for the spouse to sign and give her copies of the forms on step one.
3. If she doesn't sign, go back to court with the form requesting that she gets served, it's free. The court will try to serve her, if they can't find her they will "serve by publication"..put an ad in the papers in the last known city in the country where she lives.
4. she has 21 days to send an Original answer to your divorce summons or have a lawyer respond.
5. on the 21st day after you serve her, go back to court with the request for a court date form and the court will set a court date to divorce by default. This is why it's called an uncontested divorce.
6. Get a certified copy of the divorce decree and take it to the US Embassy/Consulate just like you did when you were married. Give a copy to the spouse to take to her local court for resolution. The forms are all available online with instructions and it costs about $400 to divorce anybody, anywhere...unless they get a lawyer and then you have a problem. If kids are involved or you want something out of the cannot file for uncontested/no default divorce. You can only do this if you want to split with nothing.
Sep 8, 2016 03:44
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GUEST20856 - your post is very helpful & thank you! I'm in the same difficult situation as well when it comes to divorce the Chinese wife that i married to in China. Your approach also works in California, right?
Sep 11, 2016 14:26

I got married in China with local woman and was registered only in China.
a few years later while I was in my way back to China, my wife told me over the phone she left me, sold the apartment and left the city.
"Please forget me and forget about me", she said.......
That's it.......cannot get divorced
what should I do if i want get married to usa citizen
what should I do if i want get married to Chinese woman ? can I marry her only in usa ?

Thank you for your time
Jun 4, 2017 17:13
GUESTMEXICAN... Sucks to be you! Talk to a lawyer in the state you reside first. Go to the clerk's office
request the documentation to file a divorce and an affidavit of service by publication. Do all the paperwork correctly and pay for some ads. If your paperwork is correct you will receive a court date, if they don't show up on said court date you're FREE!
Jul 5, 2018 18:35
GUEST17474 there is a way to divorce without going to China, I had a POA notarized and authenticated, my Chinese lawyer drafted it and handled everything, so it didn't seem very hard.
Here's his email if you need|nationallawyer , Timothy Bao. Hope you well.
Apr 11, 2019 08:33
GUEST49110 Hi all,

I have just divorced my Chinese wife of 15 years. We have a son 14 years of age and is schooling in the South of China. I have taken care of him for some years now after his mother left 6 years ago. We have just finalized our divorce on mutual agreement and th'o it is joint custody, she really have interested in wanting anything to do with her son. I believe she already have another life somewhere else. BTW I am a Singaporean living in China which means I don't really need a visa to live in China for long periods. I just exit and re-enter every 15 days across a border custom.
My worry is now that we are divorced, will I be refused entry the next time I come into China? It worries me because if I am unable to re-enter my son, who holds a PRC Id would be left all alone by himself. Does anybody know of cases like this?

Gary Wu
Jun 4, 2021 10:16
GUEST24932 Divorce is extremely easy in China. Go to China, ask the wife to get an appointment at Gov office. Meet her outside, go in file paperwork and leave. You are divorced.
Don't be foolish enough to marry a woman like that again. Stick with your own kind.
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