Are Chinese women and people in general loyal?
Feb 17, 2009 17:39
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Hi everyone

My girlfriend is chinese, I am not. She always told me that men in general like to cheat. This happened in her family, and she is from a very very good family indeed. So her perception about men in general is pretty bad, and she does not want to become too attached. But chinese girls in general also tend to play around, even during relationships. They like to chat on QQ and many start relationships from that.

What do you all think about this? IS it true that there is a big chance for a Chinese man who is with a brilliant wife goes out and cheats? How to make a Chinese woman feel secure and safe.

Feb 18, 2009 03:38
GUEST21131 My girlfriend is chinese, I am not. She always told me that men in general like to cheat.

Maybe she has been hurt by a man.

But chinese girls in general also tend to play around, even during relationships. They like to chat on QQ and many start relationships from that.

I don't deny that there are some girls who do these things. However, not all Chinese girls are like them. You just need to keep your eyes peeled when being together with them.

Feb 18, 2009 04:27
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Once you have convinced your Chinese lady that you are genuine and she trusts you, you will probably find that she in turn will be fiercely loyal to you.....and in my experience very possessive. A woman seriously looking for a relationship will lose interest in looking for others once she has found HER man. However, in any country and any culture there will be some women and men who want to play around. Unfortunately long distance relationships are based on trust. If you are unable to trust then look for someone closer.
Feb 18, 2009 06:53
GUEST43355 Hey thanks....I am not Chinese either....And in fact we have lived together...but she always told me about the distance thing...she said that if have some distance the relationship will last I have given her that...the problem is that I am quite a possessive guy (blush), but have understood my mistakes and have implemented I hope whatever I do will give her confidence and this trust will build up..........I can't read chinese so don't know what she talks on QQ to other people...but I trust her....because sometimes I talk to Russian to my friends and she will just ask me who Im talking to and thats it........

DID anyone have problems of control, possessiveness etc???
Feb 20, 2009 23:23
GUEST69106 Since when is distance good for a close relationaship? You have to be together at times,for than just a few weeks.What do you know about each other?
Nothing!What have you experienced together,to keep you loyal,or even a chance to love each other personally?
Feb 25, 2009 22:05
GUESTEXAS Open a bank account in her name only; deposit 500,000RMB into her account - she'll feel secure... and be loyal. [Grow up!!]
Feb 26, 2009 04:36

"grow up"? Are you feeling dizzy or had too much beer mate?, maybe thats why most of Chinese women want to get with foreigners because of douche bags like you....peace
Nov 16, 2009 18:53
GUEST18481 similar situation:
You know what hurts the most is when they say they are loyal. When they tell you that you are their man, and you are nothing but loyal to her. Then they are off with another guy. Does she tell you everything? Does she lie to you with a straight face? how long does it take to change your mind that they are not loyal. I thought they were.

Yeah, they go on QQ and talk their talk. they also go out on "just friend's dates" with another guy, but don't tell you unless you find out. "are they loyal" you ask... Just remember, you are not chinese you wouldn't understand... I don't know how many times I heard that.

When you find out she is living with another man, while you were gone... and you were coming so soon too. I guess it depends what loyal means, I thought i knew.
Dec 3, 2009 08:55
GUEST91156 yeah...i had the same issue. I was together with a chinese girl for 10 month....then I found out she re-connected with her ex-bf on the last 5 month and chatted nearly daily....after she was home..this is why she can't live with me....she mentioned because of her parents...yeah...and also they wanted to go for a trip....I found it out....the trust is gone...but the funny thing is....she was always very pissed if I just only talk about other female colleagues/friends.....and the man always cheat as per her interpretation...! But I guess, not all chinese girls are like that...and I'm sure in other countries the same could happen!

Life must go on!

Dec 5, 2009 19:55
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I never really understood the concept of "cheating" in relationships. My definition of "cheating" is to deprive somebody of something by deceit. What exactly have these "cheaters" deprived their partners of?

"Cheating" is usually done in a game so by using that term relationships are demeaned to the level of gameplaying. I think "unfaithful" is a far better term.

My apologies for getting of the subject. Not even women can understand the workings of the female mind. Chinese females are even more inscrutable. If you want loyalty, buy a dog!
Dec 5, 2009 21:30
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Bob, Warren buffet said that he had been waiting for the burst of stock momentum for nearly 10 years. I don't think he dares to give this statement 10 years ago. The states of nature are hardly programmable for rationalizing its cycle, and to rationalizing the most compicated animal is sort of the talking about the "fantacy of arabian nights'. It's like If we knew about the ending of our life, we would not have had desires to take a life journey with full of uncertainty. It is the uncertainty that drives us move on and brings us the happines from exploration. Bob, if you ask those rich people if they feel happy, what is the answer if they are struggling to keep the status of being rich and become richer? If you ask poor persons if they feel happy, what is the answer then? Sense of Happiness appears just a couple of seconds then flashes away forever in life. That is it.
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