My Female friend got pregnant! need abortion clinic !
May 30, 2009 03:11
guest21611 My Female friend got pregnant! how to abort it in Guangzhou?

We are international students just came here last month. My female friend and I had un-safe sex last month! last night she called me and told me she used pregnancy test and she is pregnant ! We both know we can not be together because we have too much differences ! so we can not get that baby.

We both do not speak chinese fluently so I can not talk about that for my chinese friend!
We really need abortion clinics address in Guangzhou! PLEASE help us in that.
Also, Is it legal to abort baby in China ?

I'm really thankful to any one will help me on that..
May 30, 2009 14:31

Please help !! I'm waiting here please..
May 30, 2009 19:40
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Guest 21611 You must have had some common interests, if you spent some time in bed. Take the test again...TOGETHER ,, let your own eyes see it. We all make some bad choices in life and have to suffer the consequences. This is not an easy thing to do,especially for the girl. If she has a conscience she will be damaged by it for a long time because this is "her" body.........but you,,,you get to go home. Make the right choice because you will have to live with it. LB
May 30, 2009 23:06
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I agree with LARRYBOY , please think carefully and ask your girl friend's opinion.
May 31, 2009 13:25
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I agree with LB and Iceberg. Sometimes the girl won't be able to conceive for life especially after D&C.
May 31, 2009 23:33
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Guest, I don’t know if this is a wined up thread.
You don’t say what nationality you or your “friend” are.
Your university will have a councilor for international students and they would have all of the information that you need.
Abortion is legal in China. I’m not sure about the quality of the procedure here though.
As Wan has said, it could well leave your “friend” unable to conceive in the future and it is her who now has to live with this accident for the rest of her life.
Can I also add that the next time you find yourself standing at the check out of your local supermarket you purchase a packet of condoms.
Jun 1, 2009 00:17
GUEST25481 There are numerous gynecological hospitals in Guangzhou that can perform early term abortions. You will need to find the gynecoligical department of the hospital and queu up to see the doctor. The doctor will perfrom a routine pelvic exam followed by a urine test and blood test to confirm the pregnancy. Once the pregnancy is confirmed your partner will need to undergo an EKG and an intrauterine ultrasound (this involves a probe being inserted into her vagina and close to her uterus) to to determine the presence of the fetus and its size. Depending on the size of the fetus the doctor may recommend to postpone the abortion by a week or two.

An appointment will be scheduled (try and get an early morning appointment). 12 hours prior to the procedure your partner will not be able to eat or drink anything. Just prior to the procedure your partner will need to empty her bladder. She will then go into the operating theatre and will be prepared. The procedure is performed under general anethesia. She will not be alone for the procedure.Generally 3-4 patients are prepped and under go the procedure within minutes of each other.

Immediatley following the procedure she will rest in a recovery room (with other patients) for 1-2 hours depending on how affected she has been by the anethesia. At no time during any of the above described procedures will you be allowed to be present.

She should return home accompanied and rest further. Normally by the afternoon she will feel better and can generally resume most normal activities the following day. She will be given antibiotics that she must take. A follow up exam is then performed after her next menstrual period.

The cost of the procedure and other tests will be about RMB 1000.

Seeing as both you and your partner do not speak much Chinese you will need to find a trusted Chinese friend who can assist you with translation. I wish I could remember the hospital's name to further point you in the right direction.

Whatever you do, don't delay finding a hospital. If you need further assistance contact me at|chi_canservices

Best wishes.
Jun 1, 2009 00:35
GUEST25481 You can try the Guangzhou Area People's Hospital (Guangzhou Shi Ren Min Yi Yuan).

Follow the information I posted in my earlier message.

Although this was a very difficult decision for my partner and I. I was pleased with the level of care she received although I felt very upset at not being able to be present with her during the procedure.

There should be no issues with your partner being able to concieve in the future. My partner (who is now my wife) and I conceived and became the parents of a beautiful child a year later.
Jun 1, 2009 03:28
GUESTGUEST21611 Thank you all for being caring about our case! and just for record, that was completely her idea with out any

Dear GUEST25481 , I really appreciate ur comments, which is so helpful. Thank you very much again for giving me the specific answer for my question.
Jun 1, 2009 11:43
GUEST34102 Dear 21611,

I'm glad that I was able to offer some assistance and support to you and your partner.

I really urge you to contact me at the email address I gave you so that I can obtain your moble phone no. and we talk more seriously about this. I travel frequently to Guangzhou and can offer some further assistance.The name of the hospital I gave you is not the hospital where we had the procedure performed. I looked that information up on the internet for you.

You both have responsibility in this matter, so it's not proper to put the responsibility solely on your partner by saying that she was the one who urged you to have intercourse without a condom. Irregardless, you are now both faced with this situation and you must deal with such together.

My wife and I were very careful about using condoms and allowed ourselves one opportunity a a month to have intercourse without condoms and we had done so for a year before she became pregnant. We both thought it was safe. In our case we deeply love each other but the situation was such that her employer did not permit marriage to a foreigner. She has since left her job and we work together developing our own business. If at the time she was not employed by her previous employer, we certainly would have not have gone through with the procedure.

We both found great comfort in visiting the Buddhist temple both prior and after having had the abortion.

Hope you'll give me the opportunity to help you further with this important decision.
Jun 1, 2009 11:54
GUEST34102 Dear Guest 21611,

I really urge you to contact me at the email address I gave you earlier. I can be of further assistance to both you and your partner but I don't want to do so via this website.|chi_canservices
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