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Macao to Guangzhou | Guangzhou | Jun 13, 2010 21:49
Usually I travel alone, but on June 1 (2010) I travelled with nine others. After a smooth touch-down at the Macao International Airport (MIA) around 10:30 then we proceeded to the bus stop where we waited for the AP1 shuttle bus. We waited for almost 30 minutes but the bus was yet to arrive. The fee was MOP4.20 instead of MOP3.30 but the luggage was still the same, MOP3 per every bag. Well I have not been to Macao for more than a year. The 10 of us decided to take a taxi instead of the shuttle bus, although it cost us more, especially with 3 taxis, but we didn't want my 2 Chinese nieces to wait for us in vain near the Gongbei Port.

From Gongbei we took a 15-seater coaster to Guangzhou. The cost of the van was RMB870. The journey was quite smooth until we reached Guangzhou. As it was raining while the roads were under repair to prepare for the coming Asian Games, the congestion was quite bad. We arrived at the hotel in Xiaobei almost at 17:00, that took us almost 5 hours from Gongbei to Guangzhou.

It is.indeed easier for us to rent a van rather than taking a public bus. The van sent us direct to the hotel doorstep and if we took a public bus, it will stop at the bus terminal then we have to take other busc or taxis.
Pickpocket: modus operandi | Shenzhen | Jun 13, 2010 21:02
On June 4 (evening), I was with some friends buying things at the Luohu Walmart, and I sensed a man of aropund 35+ was following us. I observed that he had been followibng me for the past 15 minutes and kept his distance. When we came out of the premises he stopped following me and I let my guard down. My Chinese niece called me and I answered her, and suddenly my nephew who was about 5 metres in front jumped and caught a 10 year-old girl, trying to rummage my sling bag while I was answeing the call.

The man who was following me, suddenly came and took the girl away. From their faces, he could be her father or her relative. I felt sad that he was probably teaching her in this art of stealing. What would happen if the victim vents his anger on the girl if she gets caught?
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China Visa (M) for 2 Years
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