Do you know any Hallal Restaurant in Panyu (Guangzhou)?
Dec 5, 2009 10:04
guestAmin Dear Readers,

I am looking for any hallal Restaurant in Panyu(GZ)?

Yours sincerely.

Mr Amin|bgc888
Dec 12, 2009 21:09
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As no-one has been able to help you let me give you a broad answer. There will be Muslim restaurants in and around Panyu as there are local and foreign Muslims in this area;real restaurants and small noodle shops. Be aware that even English speaking Muslims do not know the word 'halal'.
Jan 6, 2010 01:39
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I think every Muslim should know the word "halal".
Jan 10, 2010 07:15
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Yes, Muslim's known the word "Halal"
Jan 27, 2011 20:21
GUEST20787 All muslim know what is halal except for non muslim said they are muslim for some reason (in actual is not)of course they do not know what is halal. Halal means CANNOT that's all.
Jan 27, 2011 23:55
GUEST20787 [quote=GUEST20787,418711]All muslim knows what is halal the one who do not know what is halal for sure is not a muslim.
Apr 23, 2011 09:45
GUEST31730 Dear,

Can anyone translate halal into chinese, so we can tell them,i am even in the same district and unable to find muslim resturant. please help me.
kindly mail me there
Sep 15, 2011 05:52
GUESTALI Hello and Salam,

I am from Sultanate of Oman. I am in Panyu. I am like your guys was wondering if there is any Halal Food around. I am living in Chimelong hotel which is disappointing because the staff do not talk english much and unfriendly environment.
I Found an Indian Hotel which called, Jewels of India. here is the address
Zhong Cunjinxiushengtaiyuan Panyu District tel. no. 020347772300|a.ibrahim
Jul 20, 2017 22:31
GUEST29173 HALAL in Chinese is 清真

Dont bother to find Halal Restaurant in Panyu, Gunagzhou, I try to find myself everytime there are Muslim customer visit me, but can not find one.
The best you can find is 兰州拉面, noodle restaurant run by Chinese Hui Zu
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