travel from hangzhou to YiWu
Oct 29, 2008 12:12
GUESTJAS Ellyse, kindly advise which hotel/ motel is cheapest in Yiwu. My husband and I may stay there for 9 days. Thanks.
Oct 29, 2008 21:32
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Sorry, not sure.
Nov 10, 2008 23:52
GUESTGUESTMA... Hi Ellyse, I intend to travel to Yiwu this Thursday and would appreciate if you could enlighten me on some questions. Which bus /train station do I get a busor train to Yiwu from Hangzhou. What's the cost of a bus/train ticket to Yiwu? How do I get to Yiwu International Commodity Market from either the bus or train station in Yiwu? Which section of the market retails goods (winter boots and jackets)? Which section sells human hair wigs? Lokking forward to you earliest response. Thanks
Nov 11, 2008 10:20
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Buses to Yiwu leave from Hangzhou South long-distance bus station every 10-30 mins 0700--1855, fare 62 RMB.
Trains to Yiwu leave from both Hangzhou main and Hangzhou East train station. Various departures at all times of day. Fare depends on what kind of train you take. Fastest are the D trains which take around 50 mins, fare 43/52 RMB for 2nd/1st-class each way.
Can't help with the rest of your questions, I haven't been to Yiwu personally.
Nov 13, 2008 16:13
GUEST55132 I want to travel from Suzhou to Yiwu , what is the best way to do that (Bus or Train ) , what is the time-table for it and what is the cost in train or bus
Nov 13, 2008 20:21
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There aren't that many trains for Suzhou -- Yiwu. I've only listed those that don't depart or arrive at strange hours of the night. Prices quoted are for hard seat.

Suzhou -- Yiwu:
2584/2581 (0713--1406, 6h53min) 31 RMB
N437/N440 (1338--1923, 5h45min) 63 RMB
K469 (1535--2124, 5h49min) 63 RMB
2001 (1554--2232, 6h38min) 57 RMB

Alternatively, it would be faster if you take a D train for Suzhou -- Shanghai, take metro/taxi to Shanghai South train station, then another D train for Shanghai South -- Yiwu.

Suzhou -- Shanghai (26 RMB for 2nd-class seats, only suitable connecting timings listed):
D411 (1106--1148, 42min) --> for D665
D413 (1116--1153, 37min) --> for D665
D415 (1226--1308, 42min) --> for D93, D109/D112
D419 (1316--1358, 42min) --> for D93, D109/D112
D471 (1413--1455, 42min) --> for D109/D112

Shanghai South -- Yiwu (97 RMB for 2nd-class seats):
D665 (1312--1525, 2h13min)
D93 (1527--1733, 2h06min)
D109/D112 (1545--1745, 2h00min)

As for buses...

Suzhou South -- Yiwu: 0750 (90 RMB), 0835 (122 RMB), 1350 (122 RMB), 1700 (108 RMB)
Suzhou North (the one near Suzhou train station) -- Yiwu: 0740 (111 RMB), 0850 (104 RMB), 1305 (122 RMB), 1455 (96 RMB), 1620 (104 RMB)
Journey time seems to be around 3-5 hours.
Dec 1, 2008 00:03
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hi, there,from hangzhou to yiwu,
if you want to take a bus, go to Hangzhou Nanzhan(杭州南站),you can find plenty of buses.
if you arrive in hangzhou airport, leave for yiwu, can take direct bus from airport to yiwu, one bus every hour, or you can go to the inquiry desk for taxi information(sharing system), cheap taxies are available.
as for train,i do think it's a little bit difficult for you,my suggestion is bus/taxi.
when you arrives in yiwu, tell taxi driver 福田市场(futian market),everyone knows it.
you can go to clothes market(宾王服装市场)for jackets,
hair wigs are in 福田,A区

any more questions, send me a mail:|shutangji
Dec 2, 2008 08:56
GUEST02174 How to travel from hong kong to yiwu? I will prefer by air travel. MKJ
Dec 3, 2008 11:57
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Aren't there direct flights for Hong Kong -- Yiwu? If not, take the ferry/train/bus to Shenzhen and fly from there to Yiwu.
Dec 25, 2008 04:15
GUEST54190 hello
i want to travel between hangzhou to yiwu by bus . can i get the bus late night 11.30 pm
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