Can i obtain a work visa while in China on a tourist?
Jan 29, 2010 15:55
Well i am going to China as a tourist for 3 months, but want to leave my options open by maybe staying and working... So! Am i able to apply for this while in China before my tourist visa goes out? I heard that maybe I had to go back to America to apply for the work visa.. Is this true? Can i at least do outside of Mainland China? Maybe Hong Kong?


Jan 30, 2010 01:32
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Yes it is true that you are required to get your work visa only at your Country. Before you can change your tourist to other form of visa in Hong Kong .. now there are many rejections about visa applications at the chinese embassy in hong kong. Not sure about yours
Feb 1, 2010 19:45
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Hello Aaron ,

if you have a job in china ,you can apply for a work visa ,
1 apply for the employment certificate
2 invitation letter
3 take them to go to HK or your own country to apply for the Z VISA(for one month)

and when you come back to china ,you can apply for the work permit and the work visa ,once i have a customer who is from USA and he went to HK to apply for the visa and get the visa .

good luck to you !

Feb 3, 2010 01:22
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Hi Aaron,
In China PR you have to be invited to work by a company or school and come in on the Z visa is best. Then your employer will change it to a work permit for you. You can come earlier than the work date after you get the visa. But once in China on a tour visa, they really will not let you change it to work visa. They will tell you to return to your home country and have a prospective employer bring you back. Good luck that.. -Jerry
Feb 4, 2010 01:54
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Had my tourist-L visa changed to a resident permit which is what you get now to work in China..the Z visa no longer exists.took about a week and I did not have to go home or to HK
Feb 4, 2010 11:20
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I am rather surprised by what you say Xiaogui, that the Z visa has been abolished, especially when the rules are being tightened rather than relkaxed. As I have previously seen a Chinese document stating that Z visas can be granted within the China Mainland (though there seems little evidence of this happening), I wonder if the local PSB Exit and Entry Office did a short cut and went straight to the procedures for the Temporary Residence Permit without issuing a Z visa first. This would be sensible as the Z visa is an interim one issued for 30 days during which time you mus apply for the Residency Permit.

Anyone else got an update on this?

Feb 6, 2010 06:55
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Even i am surprised with Xiao gui's answer ...more info please..
Feb 7, 2010 10:59
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Agree with you Paul.
Z visa still required. You can also extend your tourist visa.

Under some circumstances you can go to a Residency Permit without leaving the country.

If not your country of origin or HK but the location must be stated on the letter of invitation.

I came off a Residency Permit issued for a student directly onto a Residency Permit for an 'Alien Worker' This was undertaken without leaving the country and without being issued with a Z visa.

I do have an 'Alien Worker's Permit' which looks something like the Foreign Expert Book.

It really depends on where you get work and who you are working for.
Mar 13, 2010 22:15
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if you can find a job in shanghai,you can apply a Z visa in china mainland,but that need you go to HK to apply.
for in china,the visa type change needs you go to HK or your home country to apply.
Apr 28, 2011 16:12
GUEST92155 Does anyone know what the rules are now? I am in a sticky one. I have dual nationality. South African and British and applied as a South African in Britain. The said there is nothing they can do as my original invitation letter was for my South African. As China does not recognize dual nationality. China won't re-issue me an invitation letter with my British nationality now either. My husband has his Visa and we will be working at the same school. Would anyone advise me to try the tourist Visa route? I am starting to think that it is my only chance unless they can sort something in China. Thanks
May 8, 2011 07:46
GUEST94156 Good Day

Please advise me how to go about changing a visa to a work permit.
I have a business Visa (F) and need to now stay and work China.
I dont have the time or the money to go home or to HK.

Thanking you in advance
Best Regards
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