Re-entry rules China visa ?
Feb 27, 2010 20:24
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I have a visa problem ?
I entered China 1st Dec 09 on a 3 month visa expecting to get married to my Chinese girlfriend before my visa expired, due to various document arrival problems for the CNI and due to the holidays I cannot get married until after my visa expires.
The local PSB advise they can only offer me a 1 month visa tomorrow unless I have my new marriage certificate, also saying that due to only having 2 'chances' to make visa they cannot, after receiving the married cert, make a further visa extension.
Problem then is that I will have to leave China and re-enter later ?
Q. How long must I wait before I can re-enter ? 1 day or 1 year ? The local PB was unable to advise.
Q. Where is it best for me to go and wait before gaining a new visa from the local Chinese Embassy and re-entering ?
I am in Tonghua, Jilin and Changchun or Beijing are the nearest airports.

Anyone who can help me in this problem ?
Q. I am a UK citizen wishing to stay and live with my new wife in China, how do I do this ?
Q. Do I look for employment as an English teacher as an alternative ?
I am not a UK qualified teacher.

Help !
Peter in Tonghua
Mar 3, 2010 04:57
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Wow. I can't believe you'd not research this before coming here and doing this?! Maybe I'm not impetuous enough, or in love enough!

I assume you came here on a 3 month tourist visa? "L". This can be extended once, for a month, in China (sometimes more than once... there are no fixed rules... but obviously that's what your local PSB have said, so they'll probably stick to it). Then you must leave China and re-apply for a new visa (you could try running around the country looking for a PSB that would extend again, but you really don't want to get stuck in China without a valid visa). Hongkong seems to be the favoured place to flee to - closest/cheapest option - though you never quite know what the visa-getting situation is going to be like there. As far as I know there are no minimum time limits for being out of the country and re-applying for a tourist "L" visa.

After you're married you would be able to apply for a spousal "L" visa valid for 12 months. This allows you to stay in China, but you can't "legally" work on it.

If you want to work, you'll need to find a legitimate job/company and they will give you what you need to apply for a "Z" visa (again, this'll probably need to take place outside China). Once you have a "Z" visa you can come back to China, and within 30 days, convert it into a resident's permit, which will allow you to live and work here for a year (and the permit functions as a multiple entry visa would).

If you decide to work as an English teacher, probably your best option, you don't necessarily have to be a qualified teacher, but if you're going to do things the easy/legit way, you'll need a degree of some kind, and/or teaching experience, and/or a teaching certificate. Millions of internet sites out there where you can check out jobs in China, and required qualifications.

There are better visa experts here than I, but you should know that there are no hard and fast rules in China; the PSB in the next town may say something different for instance.

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Mar 16, 2010 04:03
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Hello LC,
Thanks for the advice re-visa.
I am now married to my new wife and settling into a new apartment in Tonghua.
The local PSB have extended my visa 1 month, prior to the marriage, and say they will extend for another 3 months at the end of this month, after which, they tell me to leave the country and renew my visa in another country.
Haha, next question, sorry !
Where am I best going too to renew the visa quickly and return, the local PSB say Hong Kong cannot extend the visa as it is still China ?
My original visa was issued in Bahrain where I was working at the time and only took 2 hours to apply and have the visa issued, do you know of a closer country with similar 'turnrounds' for renewing ?
Can the local PSB issue me a 12 month spousal extension instead of the 3 month proposed ?
Thanks very much for your response and sorry to be a pain asking new questions.
I am really enjoying China, my new wife, the country and people and, since I do not neccesarily need to work although a part time teaching job is probably preferrred, I would like to stay as a permanent resident in China, so, any advice is appreciated.
Thanks again
Mar 17, 2010 11:01
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You can also try a Student visa and study Mandarin. This allows you to work part time so long as you do not neglect your study. University fees are cheap and worth it for the visa.

Try it out although Tonghua Universities may not be offering language courses for foreigners. I have been told that you can apply for 6month L visa but must leave country after 3 months and re-enter.

Sorry can't help more but all the best
May 26, 2011 04:00
GUEST69227 Hi..i am a malaysian.i used china visa L type with double entry to is my second entry in china.may i renew my china visa in hong kong for my another entry to china?
May 26, 2011 21:34
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Yes, it is possible for you to get a single entry L visa valid for 15 days in Hong Kong for another entry to China, you need to provide your previous China visas, your passport has no cancelled China visas and that you have a confirmed return ticket or a ticket showing exit from China and a confirmed hotel booking voucher.
Jun 10, 2011 09:10
GUEST30180 So anybody know how to fix a 10 month expired visa without getting blacklisted? I was suckered into a scam and couldnt get a visa. I tried renewing it, but Shanghai at the time wouldnt because of the Expo. I ran to HK and got a new one came back to search for reliable work. Everything I found I didnt trust, and finally when I found one I could trust, my visa was expired and I didnt have the money to make another trip to HK to renew. Now I'm asking is there anyway to get back to legal status? My current friend would like to employ me but as I am expired she cannot. I've heard that you can marry and I know somebody I would, but people tell me "dont ruin your life" as if marriage is a mistake in life. I know some people. One has a high position in the local small town/village government. One makes products for China Police and knows the Chief of Police (also the one suggested marriage). I just dont know how to go about fixing a situation without getting blacklisted/banned for life. If anybody can help|lionel.carver2.
Jun 13, 2011 22:51
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You have to surrender yourself to the local police station, pay for the fine, get 10 days exit visa, then exit Mainland China. maybe you will be prohibitted to enter China for the next 3 years. Marriage is a method to solve it, however, do you want a unwilling marrige to ruin your life, I don't think it worthwhile to do that. You say you know the Chief of Police, you can ask him to enquire the exit-entry department of public security Bureau.
Aug 1, 2011 21:01
GUEST02178 hi, i am from Nepal. I had X visa from 2004 to Dem 2008, when i graduated, i got an F visa for 30 days, but i didn't want to leave China. On the last day of my F visa, i came to Shanghai and got L visa for 10 days. But again i didn have enough money to buy ticket to leave, so my visa was expired on 26, April, 2009. Now i am still in China, but due to visa problem, i am helpless. i have a Chinese girlfriend, whom i have stayed for 7 years and who is ready to get married to me. Can we register our marriage with this expired visa? Thanks a lot. Charles
Aug 1, 2011 21:48

Originally Posted by GUEST02178 View Post

hi, i am from Nepal. I had X visa from 2004 to Dem 2008, when i graduated, i got an F visa for 30 days, but i didn't want to leave China. On the last day of my F visa, i came to Shanghai and got L visa for 10 days. But again i didn have enough money to buy ticket to leave, so my visa was expired on 26, April, 2009. Now i am still in China, but due...

Of course you can not register with this expired visa. You have to the civil affair bureau to register with your girlfriend. But you might be in trouble if the find out you have stayed in China illegally for two years. If they report to the police, you will be caught. As a result, you will be fined and sent back to your country. What's worse, you might be forbidden to come into China in three years.
Oct 26, 2011 15:19
GUEST12346 can a chinese national re-enter china after recieving an assault conviction in new zealand?
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