Why do Chinese eat shark fin soup?
May 16, 2011 16:34
GUEST13362 AMEN! You people are sick! Just because people are scared of them dosen't give you the right to kill them. Sharks help us in so many ways and they are beautiful creatures the good outs the bad do you're reasearch you're killing mother nature. Sharks were here before all of yall just because you're human don't mean a thang.
May 16, 2011 16:38
GUEST13362 THANK U! At least some people are trying to help this messed up world STOP WATCHING JAWS!
May 16, 2011 16:39
GUEST13362 It dosent matter how many we kill it's the fact that we do it. We might as well be cave men because this world is barbaric
Oct 3, 2011 19:36
GUEST35158 Because there a Chinese culture that why
Mar 21, 2012 23:28
GUESTSHARKS ... The great white shark is one of the most dangerous sharks in the ocean.But sharks eat about ten people each year but people kill up to 100 million each year its a big difference
Mar 26, 2012 09:15
GUEST64201 I am currently living in China and it is sad to see shark fin on every corner in a so called medicine shop along with rhino horn as well,it just pisses me off!!
May 31, 2012 07:41
GUEST36122 look. sharks kill less than 5 people in a year on a average and we kill 73-100million sharks!
we got to save it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! imagine a creature smaller than you have a knife and cutting you arms and legs of. were doing the same thing!
Jun 16, 2012 15:05
GUEST23151 Most chinese eat shark fins soup because it's expensive and they feels like they are of higher status. Some thinks that it's good for health which is not proven while there are many other foods which benefit our health and more delicious.

Jun 21, 2012 01:20
GUEST27163 Ugh. The sharks are okay to kill and eat. You just WATCH how much. Just because a cat is accidentally run over, you don't parade saying "The world is a barbaric place! Change your ways to stop the slaughter!"

Shark is put for the environment. But it is also there as a source of food.
Sep 9, 2012 04:23
GUESTIBN ABBAS How to stop shark finning?
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