Are these Asian dating websites legitimate?
Apr 20, 2011 17:48
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Originally Posted by GUEST11684

I am planning to continue my martial arts studies in china and would like to marry there as well.what are my chances as a westerner 63 yrs of email is|combatvet67

Pretty good, I would think!
Oct 5, 2012 06:34
GUEST18343 You are in a difficult position as the translator earns per translation and will obviously want you to carry on for as long as possible. Also you don't know if what you get is what your contact sends and vice versa. It is also possible that your contact has got or is getting into debt to pay for this service. I assume that there will be a fee for you to pay to get direct contact information? If you pay this but she does not speak your language where do you go from there?
Jan 14, 2013 16:37
GUEST42147 Be very wary going through a online translation service, there is a company called Multilingual Mail Service - Online Translations. They lift photos off the net and write letters from there office in a small Central American country therefore self generating income via translations. It is a total con. They use mostly Chinese ans Russian photos and operate through a large number of sites. The translations are the back door to your wallet. All that read this be warned they no longer ask for money but you will be conned.
Mar 3, 2013 01:22
GUEST12239 List of DON''T EVER''s
1) Chat with girl who''s at an Internet Cafe. She''s an emotional prostitute. You will get burned.
2) Send money, flowers, or gifts of any kind. Seriously.
3) Share any information she could sell or use to steal your identity.
4) Remotely date anyone you can''t communicate with directly and without translation.

It is as hard to find and stay compatible with a mate from a foreign country/culture as it is your own. I know several men who have married asian women, and the results are about the same as those who married local -- Some are happy, some aren''t.

That you are even looking for a woman is an indication you are a man with strong convictions... even if those convictions were pardoned by the queen, a governor, or the U.S. president. Just kidding.

Do you really know what you have always needed in a mate? Needs change, and so do people, but some of us need a helpmate and some of us need a jalopy. Or just a really good sandwich.

If you make financial or purchasing decisions with your heart, expect to be taken advantage of. Do yourself a favor and don''t let your affections turn the girl into a gold digger by accident. Know the culture a bit before "helping" with anything financial. Any man from North America or Western Europe is going to have a much higher standard of living than most of the rest of the world. Your idea of finances and theirs is possibly so far apart neither of you can understand where the other is coming from in this department. -- Take it slow with the moe.

It takes FOREVER to get your bride into a western country from the east. Years and years. Unless she has a rare and needed skill, or commands international renown in her field and its a technical one, she can''t just pop over to your country with you (or without you).

So don''t worry. Be happy.
May 30, 2013 15:18
GUEST29208 Listen - don't break your heart pursuing this. You will also break your wallet in the process.

Dating sites for adults are supposed to allow/make matches, not chaperon and censor, which they do for financial gain.

You are not allowed to mail, chat, or call the person. What does that tell you? Probably, that the picture is the bait, and once you're on the hook the meter starts running. The person, you are probably 'talking' to is an agent of the site, paid to impersonate the profile behind the picture. I wasted $32.00 on before I realized I was being scammed.
Jun 26, 2013 17:52
GUEST11139 Please be careful, especially through intepretator, it could be a scam and they are so smooth that you don't realize that you are scammed until its too late. In my country there are so many cases of chi sense women who ruin the lives of homes and cheated many men. They don't want anything at first but they would may you a victim through many ways you can't even imagine, in other words they are way much better then the Nigerians scammer. I am a Malaysian women, letting you know the real situation with the intention to be of assistance. Hope you don't take me wrongly. Recently my friend has been scammed 200k ringgit through a china lady! I don't know how they did it but the money is gone. .
Guard your heart and your pocket!
Jul 22, 2013 16:21
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So, I am to take it that AsianBeauties is just one big rip-off. They are clearly apparent representatives of cyber-pimping at its finest. They sell hope to good-meaning men of middle aged seasoning who cling to hope that the relationship founded will grow into fruition. The continual purchasing of necessary credits for everything puts a stranglehold on the wallet. The perceived relationship and any contact is only done with their permission and is always a very protracted affair at best. The length of time insures the continual flow of dollars to someone's account associated with the heiarchy of management. I wonder if anyone has ever investigated the site for criminal reasons because if what you said is true then I am certain someone can be held accountable.
Nov 13, 2013 01:03
GUEST6778 Panda,

Love fades as time goes by. At last, you will become the most intimate people in the world. That's the defination of families.
Jun 6, 2014 08:16
GUEST55196 Definitely do not use Yes they have pictures of gorgeous looking girls (models in studios and lots of air brushing too!!) but what an absolute scam they run. pay to read generic to reply to read her reply and so on and so on. No doubt its ugly old woman writing to you anyway....or men!! And after many letters back and forward, there is still no chance to send her your personal email in order to have free contact....they block out all contact info supposedly for "safety". yeh right. Anyway, dont get scammed. the girls shown are not real and neither are the girls writing stupid love letters to you. As if that would happen immediately anyway haha good luck out there. Oh...they have a partner website for Russian girls....exactly the same problems and scamming going on. Stay away.
Jun 13, 2014 14:15
GUESTLES I am one of the suckers I guess. I chatted a woman on the Asiandate site and exchanged sever letters. I finally made the phone call to her so I could hear her voice and get her email address. The interpreter was so bad at English that she could not relay the email address to me. I spent the 100 credits or $50 on that call and only said a few words to my lady. Her english was better than the translator. I will be posting a complaint on every site I can find if my credits are not refunded immediately. Use caution if you go on this site.
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