Are these Asian dating websites legitimate?
Jul 29, 2014 12:01
GUEST68184 Hello. I am a man, 38 years old from Iran., And I'm married to a Chinese woman. Mail|azimim49
Aug 8, 2014 01:57
GUEST11045 Hey,

I met a physically beautiful girl and more importantly, she is even more beautiful on the inside, which I discover more and more every day. I am looking forward to meeting her in person and hopefully, God willing, making her my wife.

I think the key is time, patience and knowing exactly what you want in a future mate. I communicated with over 420 pinays and ended up with 1, it took months to get there and a lot of chatting and a lot of late nights.
Make the hard choices get your list of 4 down to 2 then to 1.

This may take a few months, but you have to start focusing on 1 pinay. You may want to keep #2 as your backup plan.

Oh yeah, you really gotta dig deeper and find a good woman inside. Don't be afraid to cut the 10's loose, trust me, there are many many more who will KILL take her place!!

My pinay is also very very beautiful!

Rafik Shaikh
Sep 12, 2014 15:37
GUEST11367 I have been visiting Asia on business for over 20 years -- I was in my 20s then but I'm 50 now. The simple and smart thing would just to vacation there, stay initially at a decent (western or Asian) hotel, dress nice and groom properly, be polite, smile and be friendly, visit places where women your target age would hang out, learn a few words in their language, and roll the dice with your best moves. IMHO, many (perhaps even most) Asian women would be willing (or perhaps prefer) to build a relationship with a western man. BUT they are accustomed to western men not being honest with them -- so BE HONEST! Also, if you want a REAL relationship, you will likely not find it in hostess bars or by visiting "girl streets" or massage parlors. LOL Frankly, I've been amazed over the years how many lovely managers and employees of Chinese and Japanese hotels/ restaurants/shops/etc. have made it rather obvious of their interest (or at least curiosity)... but, alas, I was always happily married... and they genuinely seemed to appreciate my honesty! CHEERS!
Sep 13, 2014 10:26
GUEST22562 Yes, I have been to China before, 10 times now. and I recently visit Starbucks in Chongqing, very big city all Chinese ladies and men are using there computer and cell phones and I can tell you for a fact that every house has internet. I spent 2000.00 US dollars on China Love and never received 1 email from anybody, they just want you to keep buying credits. When I send EMF mail they say this site will not allow to give personal email?
Sep 28, 2014 22:45
GUEST68156 Asian date is a scam. My woman is with me already, but her profile is still on the site. I can see she is online too. I am afraid those ladies in USA are not real at all.
Oct 2, 2014 00:34

Originally Posted by GUESTLES

I am one of the suckers I guess. I chatted a woman on the Asiandate site and exchanged sever letters. I finally made the phone call to her so I could hear her voice and get her email address. The interpreter was so bad at English that she could not relay the email address to me. ....

If you're referring to I had experience with them too. The nice lady I'm about to marry had an account on that site & another, ...

The two services compare equally in prices & offering; however, quality was subpar. The translator for us was okay but for the price should've been better, & they used VOIP for the phone service lacking call quality too. They're not scamming, but just not as good in the services they provided with one exception; they allowed 20K characters per letter, 3x or 4x that of Chnlove. As I said earlier, she had an account with both sites via the agency she used, we tried them both to compare quality & quickly stayed with ...

A good feature of Chnlove is the agency the lady contracts with does all the translation for the emails & phone calls, helping to develop a 3-way relationship if you will. In the case of my lovely lady the agency she uses several agents, the agents handle several clients. ...

It best for the lady and gentleman to communicate openly, honestly, & be up front about everything from the beginning. You don't want to drag out an online relationship & slowly reveal or learn things that end the relationship that could've been said in the beginning. It'll waste both time & significant money. On paid sites I noticed, compared to free sites or chat sites, both parties are serious, both are investing in one way or another. The lady via her contract with the agency, & you via your cost on the dating site. I looked at my cost as the cost of dating anyone; instead of going to the movies & dinner, weekend trips, or buy small token gifts over time, I'd buy credits to develop the relationship & communicate regularly in a timely fashion. ...

A good agency is providing a valuable service to the lady, not just trying to marry them off and get paid; they also should answer questions from the men to facilitate any possible relationship. ...

To protect both parties & garner more income, they have strict rules about giving personal information out until a relationship is developed, usually 90 days & certain amount of emails back and forth. I found away past this in the first week, where I created a puzzle. When my lady solved it she knew my email address. It was easy enough for her to solve in one day, yet hidden from the auto scanners and quick looks by the agency. With the email in hand we were able to exchange QQ id's and now communicate for free with that, and also use the paid chat and email as needed, especially more important topics needed good translation. ...

Sorry for the long response but I hope others find it useful too. Good-luck.

Feb 21, 2015 19:02
GUEST57113 I'd try Japan, an ally of the US (or at least until Obama cocks up that relationship up too) first. Something about those eyes..
Or maybe the Philippians but for Pete's sake, be careful! Many girls are just looking to get out & get a better life & generally don't care with whom they do it!
Apr 4, 2015 00:29
GUEST30159 hello to all readers

in august last year I was looking on for a new partner and never thought of looking for a Chinese lady, anyway I started chatting to single mother aged 42 and I have been there twice to visit her, and she is to visit here in May, she is the most happy loving, giving lady I have ever met, I wish I had met her 40 years ago, very honest, no filth talk on video.
we video chat on QQ each night, I love her to bits, there are many honest Asian ladies that just want a good man

Jun 22, 2015 14:24
GUEST41226 Don't bother with the sites. There is a 1% chance you will ever meet the lady and end up being together. If you do meet the lady in China she will be accompanied by a representative of the agency. Then after spending some time together she will have to leave with the rep.
Also after spending some time on the site I noticed that usually it's not even the actual lady you will be corresponding with. It is once again an rep. I noticed this because one lady did not even know some details we talked about a week before. It was a totally different person that was clue less about our previous conversations.
My advice stay away from the sites. Meet someone in China yourself. Don't waste your money or time.
Sep 20, 2015 11:29

Originally Posted by ICHIBANMAN View Post

I found a nice Chinese lady through a free Asian dating website. We started e-mailing each other (yes, a Chinese agency is representing her and I'm sure a translator is between us). She is the same age as me (40) and divorced with a child. She doesn't care if I am rich or poor. She claims she only wants to find her "soul mate", marry, and live a ...

Listen, here is the fool proof method of determining if these Asian international dating web sites are nothing but scams. Put 2 exact same profiles on the same Asian dating service. With one, use pics of yourself, & the other with some male model who 99% of women in this world would say is attractive. On your profile, say how you are in it for marriage, a soulmate, love, etc... On the bogus profile, say the same things, but that you were scammed once before, & are wise to scammers, & would have any woman you got serious about, checked out by a private investigation firm that specializes in notifying western men of foreign women trying to scam them out of money & having no intention of starting romances with them. On the legitimate profile, you will be inundated with all kinds of Asian women wanting to know you, love you, & have a wonderful life with you. On the bogus profile, the "only" responses you will get will be from women who are in their mid to late 30's & 40's, & who most likely have children, who are indeed sincere about finding a western man for a soulmate. But, in reality, come on dudes !!! Would you be on these Asian dating websites, if those were the type of women you were seeking for a relationship ??? You might as well save yourself time & money, & go troll the malls or bars for middle aged soccer Moms. It will cost you a whole lot less, & save you tons of aggravation. This leads me to the conclusion that "any" very attractive childless female on these Asian dating websites, under the age of 30, are most likely nothing more than cheap, dirty, amoral SCAMMERS !!!!
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