Are these Asian dating websites legitimate?
Oct 18, 2015 10:26
GUEST25583 Hello
Can some one tel me if chinalove site is legitimate and the lady's on that site is for real
Or the all site is just scamming money making site
Thank you for your help
Nov 22, 2015 09:57
GUEST72255 to anyone
I was chatting with a girl from China . she told me I am the only one who is on her list . Guess what . I am not the only one . the sites are SCAM .TO GET MORE MONEY FROM US
Create 2 users and you will be surprise what you will find . Good luck to all.
Dec 1, 2015 15:32
GUEST25296 What would be a legitimate site to meet Chinese women are you up in the United States and I really want to meet a Chinese woman age does not matter
Jan 27, 2016 06:52
GUEST32193 To begin to tell a little about yourself. My name is Ayaka, I am 36 years old and I'm a small business owner. Many of those involved in work at himself, well aware that this kind of activity is very time consuming. My character type ENTJ and those who had anything to do with people like me, know that they are ready for everything for the sake of success. And I'm one of those people.
As you may have guessed, to find a man with whom I would be able to feel like a real woman was very hard and it takes a very long time. I could not afford it, so found a site with great potential. I'm from Japan and the English language, I had great difficulties. It is not enough time to study it. And with such a site, I did not have to pay a lot of time to translate their messages. All of this happens automatically.
After 3 weeks of communication on the site I wrote Bill. He was several years older than me, but I liked the way he treated me. Most men in my country believe that the woman for whom should not be doing business. But Bill was not so. He's ready for me to much and never throw words to the wind. Whatever the trouble has not occurred to me, he can always help and substitute the man's shoulder. The first time, he certainly had not easy, but it's entirely my fault. I used to force people to do what I need. Finally, after several months of correspondence, we met and I realized that it is not wasted on him so much time and effort. It was very romantic, he greeted me with a plane at the airport Orlando Sanford and presented a huge bouquet of flowers. All around we looked at what was happening, as if their eyes there was something unforgettable. And there, at the airport, he gave me a ring. It was unforgettable. Of course, I was shocked, but I found the strength to say that I have to think for a while, but has long been decided that he will say "yes"!
And now, we had about a year happily live together in Florida. My dear and beloved friend, says it's just a coincidence, and these are no happy stories. but after a few months she did not lucky with men. If you have similar stories about online dating, you can tell me about them that I could prove to his girlfriend that such dating is not fiction. She just has not found someone who would help her to believe in true love.
Mar 16, 2016 20:42
GUEST79107 Hello,
it's a pleasure to meet you.
I am michelle brown, a United States Army officer from United States of
America, i have an important issue to discuss with you. Please contact me through my private email address which is|michellebrown28
Mar 25, 2016 22:03
GUEST36153 I believe the whole organisation is one big scam on men like myself who are gullible enough to think that one of the women would be interested to meet them. They prevent the victim from ever obtaining any real contact details. They edit out anything in your email that could provide the woman a clue to your email address or phone number. They lead you to believe that you are communicating with the woman in the photos when it is most likely a translator employed to pretend to be the woman in the photo. I believe this organisation scams the women who join up as well. The take their ID and photo collection and use it as bait to trap men by the tens of thousands. Their fees are outrageous too. The victim pays to read a message as well as paying to write a message. Eventually the victim can get the email address of "the lady" (for $70) but emails sent to this address are never answered. What is also a worry is that before giving you the fake contact details they demand full ID including passport, credit card details everything.
I think this organisation should be investigated by Interpol. They have several branches dealing with Russian ladies, Colombian, Chinese, Japanese and Thai and most likely many other nationalities. The amount of money in total they are scamming would be in the billions of dollars per year. It's a major world-wide scam that needs to be stopped. It leaves the victim with not only financial losses but depression and a loss in faith in all other humans.
Mar 27, 2016 20:58
GUEST10976 Dear Guest 36153,

May I please ask you the name of the Russian, Columbian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai site? This may be the exact site I am using. Thanks
Jun 8, 2016 06:14
GUEST29736 Hi,do you know anything about "unlimited talks",translation international dating site costs 1cent to get message translated per letter.just feeling a bit uncertain to the legitimacy of this site.
Thank you
Oct 31, 2016 07:06
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Avoid all these most common sites, you see they show too much beautiful photos for only one reason: SCAM YOU!
I tried them all, just a waste of time, eventually I had to block all their (fake) responses from the main sites AND all their affiliated!
Nov 11, 2016 04:14
GUEST78170 Hello,

Nice meeting you my name is Elizabeth i was move after reading your profile, i will like us to know more about each other if you dont mind, please let me be honest with you am looking for real honest person, not fake person who will not keep his word, thank you here is my email address|elizabethjessica20016 hope to read from you soon thanks,

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