Do you eat ‘peace apple’ at Christmas Eve?
Dec 21, 2011 22:08
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Christmas Day has become a very important festival for Chinese people, especially young guys. Also, it is a good chance for the businessmen to make money.

Last Sunday, I went to the supermarket to buy some fruit. I noticed that some apples were wrapped in beautiful bags. I didn’t what they were used for. Today, I knew the reason after reading a piece of news.

The apples wrapped in beautiful bags are not ordinary apples. They are called ‘Peace Apple’. Young people send them to their friends as gifts at Christmas Eve. Apple is pronounced as Ping Guo in Chinese. It is a symbol of ‘Peace’. It is said that eating peace apple at Christmas Eve will make you peaceful and safe next year.

But the peace apples are much more expensive than the ordinary ones. 500 grams apple costs around CNY 5 but a peace apple is worth at least 10 yuan.

Do you guys send and eat ‘peace apple’ at Christmas Eve?

Dec 25, 2011 16:33
GUEST21173 No, I believe the westerners don't take this as a festival tradition...
Dec 25, 2011 19:48
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Originally Posted by GUEST21173

No, I believe the westerners don't take this as a festival tradition...

Chinese people are really geniuses. They can introduce and alter foreign festivals to China and take this great chance to make money. My friend told me that he experienced a very special Christmas Eve in Xian.

Young people swarmed into the center of the city and marched on the streets. Every year, the government has to take some measures to deal with the floods of people at the Christmas Eve. The underground passages around the Bell Tower are closed and the subway line 2 doesn’t stop at Bell Tower and North Street. By the way, the public buses are not allowed to enter the city center and have to run until 24:00 at the Christmas Eve.

It is said that about 300000 people have marched in the city center this year. Horrible! I can’t understand why they marched at the city center at the Christmas Eve. By the way! They also wear strange clothes and masks. It looks like a costume ball. The Christmas Day has changed to the Halloween Day.

I saw a friend of mine wrote on her mircroblog ‘Chinese people can change any festival into the Valentine’s Day’. I asked her why. “Young lovers send flowers and chocolate to each other. At the Christmas Eve, they don’t stay at home. They come out and have fun. So strange!”, she said.
Dec 25, 2011 19:51
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The guy who came up with the idea of selling ‘peace apples’ at the Christmas Eve is smart. Even my mom called me at the Christmas eve and reminded me of eating peace apple. I asked who told you that. She said that she saw it on the TV. I was surprised.
Dec 28, 2011 01:50
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BBQQ, your friends told the truth. Most young Chinese have no belief. I am afraid that some may not know the origin of the Christmas Day.
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