The US government wanted to drive off Chinese teachers from their country
Jun 3, 2012 22:58
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Chinese nation has for long been open to the civilization and culture of other nations and willing to communicate with them. In history, many foreigners also visited China, such as Marco Polo, who has even been government official of nowadays Yangzhou. Till today, the open altitude of Chinese people towards the other countries does not change. China welcomes international friends to visit, study, work and live in China. However, this is not the situation in some other countries. The US government was even unwilling to issue visas for Chinese teachers who want to teach Chinese at the local Confucius College and wanted the teachers to leave the country as soon as possible. How come! We feel so sorry for them.
Jun 3, 2012 23:18
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This is rather the attitude of the US government towards China. You need to meet certain requirements, such as money in your savings accounts, etc. But to those dissidents and the so-called human rights activists, they are given red carpets to the US.
Jun 4, 2012 08:11
GUEST19874 I hate to slightly disagree, but China is only welcoming to foreign workers who can provide a Special Skill. That means a skill that a Chinese worker cannot provide. Only government registered Chinese companies or organisations can provide the Z visa required. No other job opportunities are available to foreigners unless they are transferred from a foreign parent company to a Chinese subsidiary. Obviously every country needs to protect its own citizens opportunity to gain employment. I cannot find the story about the Chinese teachers in the US so cannot comment on that. Do you have a link?
Jun 4, 2012 21:24
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This reminds me of BBC's documentary "The Chinese are Coming". In the documentary, the locals in a small town are dissatisfied with the Chinese teaching lessons supported by Confucius Institute. They think that there are 'some purposes' behind the lessons. Some protestors show their dissatisfaction in front of the school. Finally, the school agree to abandon books supported by Confucius Institute.

Maybe, they take it as 'culture invasion'.
Jun 5, 2012 01:57
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Dear Guest19874, do not hate to disagree. It is good to disagree in order to agree. To me, it's good to see different views and opinions.
Jun 5, 2012 05:05
GUEST27967 Jimmy,
It seems BBC documentaries are not a welcome topic on a Chinese forum ;o)
Jun 5, 2012 20:32

Originally Posted by GUEST27967

It seems BBC documentaries are not a welcome topic on a Chinese forum ;o)

Jimmyb, I am a Chinese too. I was shocked when I heard about the US citizens's opinions about Confucius Institute and China. Anyway, it's good to hear different opinions on China. And I think it is normal. Some Chinese people do not like the US too.
Jun 5, 2012 22:01
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On contrary, Confucius Institute and lessons about Chinese culture are welcomed in Philippines. As my friend told me, she has very lovely students there and as well as their kind parents. This may vary in different places. There was also a news released that US government had already change their attitude on this issue. Good news but I am sorry for the defination as 'culture invasion', only cross-culture communication I could rather to believe.
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