how to forget my lovely one who made me mad with him?
Dec 3, 2012 06:23
guest42130 Iam a college student ..In my first sem i loved my classmate..he is a nice guy...but me only loved him..also i had my close friend ...she is friend to me and also for him... its my first love ..true love .i thought that iam lucky to talk to him..while he was talking to blender mistake is i dint reveals or express my love to him...i thought that my close friend will understand my love...after days are passing by..In sec sem,.one day.i thought to tell my love through my close friend..but on that same day she told a shocking news to me that my lovely one proposed to her..and also said that she also accepted his love.......I really shocked...Idont know what to do...
Iam really totally upset...and i tried to avoid my close friend becoz, i want to forget my love know....she said sorry for me...and also apologises.. then after some days i act as a normal frnd to her. not as a close frnd.. but i cant forget my love made by him..
days passes by me as a hell...i cried a lot.. then after some days he knows my love becoz of my close frnd's upset mood made by that only he talked to me. i told that all pbms that held btn us...then he also said that sorry..and all..ifelt better again while chatting with him...she only giv my no tohim... i never thought it is right r wrong to talking to him..this chatting return as a dangerous thing to close frnd dint lik chatting btn me and him...some quarrel were held btn i apologise and i said that i never talk again..this moment made me again total upset..after one month i msged him...then i told my problems in whole he agreed to talk with me...i felt better ...nobody knows that i chatting with him after that quarrel...he talked to me as a frnd ..but myself dint forget my love so that only i msged him again... i always very very very very happy while he was talking to me...on these days iam the happiest the marks are became high health also became cured.....but i done a big mistake again......i control to tell my love...but one day i told my love frankly....from on that moment he realises that he done wrong that he was chatted to me...from on that onwards he avoided me... i totally moodout and also i tried to suicideattempt...then this news are known by friend ...again a big quarrel were held infront of my classroom..i totally got insult infront of all classgirls and boys... this is made me a great insult...he never support me ..he also insulted me...infront of my close friend..on that moment i shouted at him and came ...I NEVER CALL U,TXT U, SEE U... but i forgot to say that I NEVER LOVES U... i cant tell this to him...everyday he is on my thought.... he was happy with her... i cant forget him... he mixed with my blood...wat can i do...pls frnd... each and everyday became hell to me... MY LOVE HURTING ME VERY MUCH... Both are happy but i cannot happy..ME,MY LOVELY ONE,MY FRIEND ARE IN SAME CLASS ONLY.both of them romancing infront of me.HELP ME FRNDS
Dec 12, 2012 15:22
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my e-mail is|helaluddin69 and my cell no. is 008801713045023
Mar 1, 2013 03:20
GUEST93122 I knw it's hard to forget sum1 whom you truly luv ! b't try to make you mind bsy on your stdy or whatever you doing ! I suffer frm the same feeling ! it's quite difficult for me also b't i tried my bst ! So, i advice u to try to forget him ....
Mar 3, 2013 08:05
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What does one gain by committing suicide? Nothing but wasting precious life that we have. Try to put yourself in your friend's shoes, or winner takes all? It's not easy to forget things already embedded in your mind, and being a person who only thinks for herself it's not easy to accept the truth either. You can't accept he belongs to someone what you would always think is, he should belong to you alone. Sober up and face reality. Life ahead is too beautiful and precious to waste. Do not make yourself a laughing stock.
Aug 9, 2013 02:01
GUEST15132 hay times r difficult but life just moves on, being which i was also parted from my one true love and we weren't broken just because, that last time i saw him was febuary 18,2013. my life with him was like candy land with a bonus, about 4 months later i find out that he had mved on so sudden,yes i cried for 2 weeks straight but he just kept getting with new girls and i thought it's just time to move on. it's always ok to remember your moments with the one you first love but never to miss them because it will get in your way and will be harder to move on. look at the bright side you got a chance to know what love actualy felt like and now god has someone new planned for you in life, he has done the same for me with a guy named dominic, my soon to be husband :)
Nov 7, 2013 11:06
GUEST21771 I want to forget my close friend bcoz my lover fighting to im talk with him. But i can't forget him. he is my close friend how to i forget suddenly for silly matter....
Oct 22, 2014 19:05
GUESTUNKNOWN hello dear friends i m foll in love with my bf and he is not deserveing actully my love story is very differnt we both start reletionship from time pass but i dont know why i m loveing him alot i acnt live without him u know wat he is not gud guy but still i love him he use me like tishu peper
we just broke the reletionship but i cant live daily i cryed for him only pls tell me wat should i do.........
Nov 24, 2014 12:50
GUEST45159 How i forget who made me mad at him,i never liked him but now i he avoids me
Apr 11, 2015 09:33

Originally Posted by GUEST45159

How i forget who made me mad at him,i never liked him but now i he avoids me
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