Apr 29, 2014 13:05
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Visited china/guangzhou for the first time 2weeks ago for Canton Fair and actually noticed that the chinese people generally tended to have low self-esteem of themselves, more esp the females. I observed that the chinese females were sort of "racist" against black guys & arabs, but always ready to giggle sheepishly at every male white westerner in view.

And equally too, chinese males tended to prefer/enjoy working or learning under white western bosses. I have heard of scenarios where black British/black American english teachers in china were sent packing due to chinese students' preference for white western english teachers.

My fear for china is its ability to manage, long term, its new economic status with this sort of rudimentary, unexposed culture. As an economic giant nowadays, methinks the chinese need to embrace all cultures/races in order to be able to maintain their current economic status, long term. A myopic view of other races except that of "pure white" westerners is rather unfortunate as the major importers of chinese products come from all tribes & races. Money (USD, GBP, EURO, RMB YUAN, et al) simply have no colour!

An embrace of all races by chinese people guarantees their future economic fortunes.

China Wake Up!!!
Jul 16, 2014 15:15
GUEST92131 I don't know where you got your ideas, but China is the leader in helping nations in Africa in education, development and industrialization.

Did you know this fact, or is it immaterial as far as you're concerened?
Aug 14, 2014 09:02
GUEST52222 The response is fairly immaterial. Investing in (and some might say, exploiting) African countries is not the same as common attitudes towards black people in China.

I actually agree with the OP. I have been in clubs where they basically refuse to serve black people, just by avoiding or ignoring them. A friend told me of a club he saw in Beijing where the entrance fee was 30 yuan for Asians, 60 for black people, and fee of charge for white people. This is insane.
Sep 4, 2014 19:46
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Sometimes it happened but not all the time. We may term it as racist but to some others as preference. It is an attitude and attitude is not easy to change. For those believe in god (whatever god one believes) they know god creates humans of all colours, races and tribes. We should love god's creation.
Nov 22, 2014 05:39
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yep. you are very spot on!
Jan 27, 2015 20:28
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I'm an American (white) and I work in Africa on time and occasion. China's influence has tremendous impact on the African population. I fly to China and there's a substantial number of Africans going to school on China's dime in China.
I was at the Fair last year. I noticed nothing different from one culture to the next when it came to sales... Everyone was treated very well, I included!
Not sure what you saw but Africans are accepted there as readily as anyone else. To the point, I asked an African couple what they were doing in Shenyang. Both told me, they're there to be educated.... I find no fault in their ethic.
Feb 18, 2015 05:23
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That is simply Chinese Government policy, not Chinese individuals.
Those in the Chinese Govt already recognise the fact that they need to be seen as embracing everyone because that is what will gretly benefit the chinese economy long term.
It is the rather myopic chinese individuals within china that should wake up to the new realities!
Feb 19, 2015 01:07
GUEST18240 People who have only visited China for a short time but have not lived in China for at least 1 year should not comment on this matter.
I am a black girl and I have lived in Beijing for almost two years.
I can tell you confidently that Chinese people prefer whites. Period. That's just the way that it is. White preference is prevalent every where you go!
They ask for white teachers. White models. Chinese women use products to whiten their skin. They are even prejudice against their own darker skin Chinese people. The whiter the skin the better. It's just a sad case reality.
May 24, 2015 08:09
GUEST92131 Kongi,
I am from the USA, where blacks want to be accepted by everybody and receive all the benefits they can get, but are unwilling to integrate, unwilling to accept any other race into their communities. They are more racist than anybody, yet they pull out the "race card" anytime they can benefit from it.
There is a lot of unrest around the USA between police (white policemen and black policemen) and black youth, who refuse to yield, obey basic and simple laws and who exhibit unbelievable arrogance. There is a lot more friction to come.
All the Chinese girls I've known don't want to have anything to do with black people, and if they do, it's a policy and not by choice (job or other things). You want to change that? Can you?
Oct 9, 2017 19:26
GUEST3424 GUEST92131 <<<< He is right and everyone else here in wrong. There are plenty of westerners that dislike Blacks just based on looks or the way many of them talk. But strangely Blacks still get the special treatments everywhere.

It is not natural but the result of oppressive governments reading to many Jewish horror stories created in order to create long lasting support for Israel.

Did you know that the propaganda book about Anne Frank was printed just as many times as Lords of the Rings and Harry Potter? It is *** crazy that young children are forced to read this crap at school.
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