Would you pay the bride price for your son if he married a Chinese girl?
Dec 16, 2014 20:34
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Ms. Su met her Australian husband in Xian. After being together for 3 years, they plan to get married in Australia during Chinese Lunar New Year. However, their families have a trouble. Ms. Su’s parents ask for CNY 100000 as the bride price. Unfortunately, her future husband can’t afford to pay the bride price. Therefore, her parents suggest that their son-in-law’s parents should pay for the bride price.

Ms Su’s mother-in-law said “No! No way!” after learning what Ms. Su’s parents said. Then she didn’t know what to do. According to her, her future mother-in-law and her future husband are financially independent. When they travel together, they pay their bills separately. Her future husband told her that he even earned money to buy the camera from his dad.

Ms. Su understood that her parents didn’t ask the bride price for them. Instead, they did it for her good. However, she didn’t want to embarrass her future husband. According to what she said, her relatives told her parents that foreigners were rich so that they should ask more money as bride price. Her parents also agreed that they would be proud if they received a large amount of money, whereas they wouldn’t keep the money. In the future, they would give the money to her and her husband. Her relatives’ opinion is that her future husband should do as Chinese do. It is a Chinese tradition that the groom pays the bride. Therefore, he should pay the bride price though he is a foreigner.

What would you do if you were Ms. Su’s mother-in-law? To pay the bride price for her son or not?
Mar 4, 2015 01:38
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Bride price is a Chinese tradition, the higher the better because many would think that money decides well-being and happiness. Thus youngsters today, with their meagre income can't afford for a high bride price thus his parents, usually, will "foot the bill", in order to save face. Parents have spent so much to upbring their children including their education, and yet for their marriage and household, those old people still need to sacrifice for the "happiness" of their children? Even the tradition of having a house before marriage is taxing on the lives of the young graduates simply because they can't afford.

May be I am lucky that I do not have that kind of tradition nto follow, and indeed let my son find his own way should he find a mainland Chinese to marry.

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