Do you welcome mainland Chinese tourists to your country?
Mar 3, 2015 21:26
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In recent years, mainland Chinese people are getting richer. As a result, they start to travel abroad. It’s true that they are generous with their money. Many of them prefer to buy luxury goods during their trips. They do make contributions to local tourism revenue.

Unfortunately, some mainland Chinese tourists are unwelcome, not only because of their uncivilized behaviors but also because of the inconvenience and troubles they have brought to the locals. Recently, demonstrations have occurred on the streets of Hong Kong to oppose mainland tourists. Why? Due to the limited public resources, Hong Kong can’t receive so many mainland tourists. As a result, local people’s lives have been seriously affected.

What do you think of mainland Chinese tourists?
Mar 4, 2015 01:16
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Relationship between HK Chinese and mainland Chinese has been cold for ages. In fact in Shenzhen HK Chinese are welcome due to their dollar power, meaning they have money to spend in SZ. Some of them have concubines.

From my experience, although most Chinese are direct and straight forward but when comes to excursion they only talked among themselves, everything is fine until they go back to their respective hometowns then they start to say things unpleasant. That's my little experience.

I would always welcome anyone, with open heart and never look down upon them whatever race or ethic, or creed they have.

Mar 10, 2015 05:30
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Did not vote. For me travelling, wheather by me or some one else, is mind opening for both, the traveller and the people of the country travelled to.

As long as the traveller behaves, welcome to Finland. If one can´t behave, better to stay away, because it is not a very good ad for travellers country and that´s the main point IMO...
Apr 6, 2015 21:49
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Of course yes, every tourists are welcome in our country.
Apr 7, 2015 20:52
We are friendly people, so we welcome any expats in our country.
Apr 9, 2015 03:18
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Yes we welcome them of course
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