Rockies English School in Dalian
Mar 17, 2015 06:49
guest18233 Hi guys

Has anyone got any genuine info on Rockies School?

Mar 18, 2015 12:43
GUEST75220 Hi some people i know work for Rockies in zhongshan, and they love it. my gf and I am about to start working for them as well. We are currently training in Dalian at the moment.
Apr 11, 2015 03:48
GUEST18936 Rockies English school are agents in that they hire out foreign teachers to partner schools within their network, and the foreign teachers have a contract with this company directly, and not with the school.

f you don't want unnecessary hassle, stay away from them - this is a well-meant advice.

There is hardly anything professional in this company. While they are not only agents, but also active in other business fields, it is all done with such a high degree of unprofessionalism and dilettantism that you can only wonder how they get away with it.

Never work for Rockies English School. They fooled me and I felt really dissappointed. A good lesson for everyone who is looking for a job as English teacher in China. You should never accept the school if they say you should come with a tourist visa (L-visa) first. That is bullshit, it is just a way of getting more money. Rockies does the following with that: They'll notify the public schools they have a contract with that a new teacher has arrived, the public schools pay for the books etc etc. for about 5000 RMB to Rockies. Once they have received the money, you will be fired, so basically they just used you to cover for classes some other teacher couldn't do and you will be treated like crap. Thanks for nothing basically. First they give you a contract which didn't even state the start and end date, which already start you think about this place. I've been teaching for one week and they already decided to fire me after one week. I've spoken to other teachers at Rockies, everybody got a work permit before they arrived and never got in China with a tourist visa first. That's bullshit. You aren't allowed to work with a tourist visa in China, if the immigration catches you, you are screwed.
he assistant that joins your classes (assistant is usually from Rockies) is not even a qualified teacher, they always have criticsm about your teaching style while they are not even teachers for god's sake!! How do they know? And the weird thing is, my manager said that one of my assistants is not a good assistant, so why do you keep her employed at Rockies then. Rockies should fire her too then, but no, they fire the foreigner, because they like to make abuse of you and they are litterally slave drivers. They do not even cover the hours you make from going to school A to school B, which a good school should cover for.

Terrible benefits ,starting pay and raises were both really bad, too low salary, long working hours, no breaks between the classes ( Unless it is lunch break ) . No one is held to a standard of accountability.Basically the management does not support others, they like to challenge their teachers .Lies all around .They can terminate the contract without even a discussion and without paying you a penny . President is a dummy, he lacks administrative and decision taking skills.
Apr 11, 2015 04:05
GUEST11558 Don't bother man, bad school. Better ignore it .

If you want to teach in China, you should pay attention to the following things:
- Are they covering for your flight going to China and your return ticket back home?
- They should provide you an appartment free of charge with salary, you shouldn't get into one of Rockies appartments, because basically they charge rent of 350 RMB per week, which shouldn't be done at all.
- Make sure all the legal documents for a work permit are complete and the school you'll work for has done this.
- Identify if the contract any school in China gives you is a solid and a good looking contract (if it is says, accomodation allowance, that is bullshit, it is just included your salary, if you get sick one day, you will not get the 'bonus' of 1000 RMB, so your salary will be reduced (happened with me at Rockies)
- If they promise they'll arrange a z-visa for you, it should be done before you go to China, never go with a tourist visa first (Rockies advised me to enter with tourist L-visa). You better ignore this school
- Make sure that on the first day you arrived in China, one of your Chinese colleagues will help you to register at a police station, this is a must, if they don't, you should question yourself, is this a good school and do they take good care of you?
Jul 15, 2015 15:37
GUEST78090 Hi, I am just about to have a job interview with them to start in August. Which branch are you working at and how is it going for you?
Aug 3, 2015 03:07
GUEST01249 Not all teaching experience in China are bad. I know some of my friends had negative experience at some Chinese schools, but my experience in China was a thrill. I worked at the Fujian branch of Rockies English School. On the weekends, I taught at a language school (Rockies English School), which interestingly, is located in a shopping mall. The experience working with cute young children is what made my stay here so enjoyable. On 3 days in the week, I had to travel to a nearby kindergarten to implement the Rockies English School syllabus. Working full time, I had a lot of opportunity to meet with children of all ages, mainly the 3 to 9 years old age group.
Aug 3, 2015 03:40
GUEST01249 Quanzhou is an interesting city to work in, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a job in China. It has mild weather, and its proximity to Taiwan made it convenient for anyone who wants to travel to the island. My girlfriend is still in Taiwan so I make frequent trips to the island to see her. The Rockies School in Quanzhou was helpful in sorting out my visa paperwork so unlike some other people I had a proper work visa which made travelling easier. Rockies English School is a language school, so at the end of the day, you can expect all the pros and cons that go with part time teaching, such as working on the weekends, having nonconsecutive days off, etc.
Dec 18, 2015 01:50
GUEST58178 Hello,

I just had an interview with Rockies and they seem to be professional. They are going to provide a Z visa and cover all expenses.

The only thing for me, since I am German and stay in Jakarta is that I need to go through Hong Kong in order to pick my visa from the Chinese Embassy there. I could do it also in my home country, so I have the choice.

So far I couldn't find anything bad, but lets see what comes further. ;-)

Jan 25, 2016 05:43
GUEST92138 Hey guys, I would love to hear more about Rockies since I just got a job offer from them. I'm popping my cherry both in teaching English and in working abroad so I'm trying to find as many info as I can before I reply to their offer.
May 28, 2016 07:19
GUEST19160 Hey Nick,

I'm Dan, I worked for Rockies for over 2 years at the main branch in Dalian, and all I can say is RUN! Stay far away from Rockies they will take every opportunity to *** you over. They expect a high turnover rate so they never treat their teachers well.

I honestly don't know how I made it as long as I did, I never had a big problem until the end, just a bunch of little problems before that, but looking back I should have left long ago. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess. If you have any questions (or if anyone has any questions about Rockies) feel free to email me, I worked at the head office along side the owners, and actually worked with Ernie [the co-owner] for a few of the higher up students.|dwb91
Dec 1, 2016 22:29

Are you still working for rockies?

Because I also had an offer from them...
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