Rockies English School in Dalian
Dec 1, 2016 22:38

I am Vince from Malta and I just saw your post regarding rockies school.

I saw many posts which are positive and negative from teachers who teached at rockies, because yesterday I had a online video interview with the assistant manager Kevin Zhang, he offered me the position will begin in March 2017, Z VISA will be sorted before get there even I don't hold bachelor or tefl, but accommodation included, pay 10,000 rmb monthly but flights isn't included...

Waiting from your Reply


Dec 13, 2016 20:16
GUEST15253 I would STRONGLY recommend not working for Rockies. My husband and I taught for them for a year and it was a terrible experience.

They told us that we would be in a kindergarten in Chengdu - when we arrived we found that we were actually in a tiny little farming town about 2 hours away from the town. Neither of us had ever taught before and we received two days of training before being left in the town, with no support from Rockies and about a quarter of the materials (flashcards, textbooks etc.) that they promised us. They kept telling us that more would be coming, but they never did.

Rather than working in one school we were expected to run all over town, teaching at a different kindergarten every morning and afternoon and sometimes in middle and high schools too - basically doing whatever was asked at the drop of a hat with no respect for our time or the students, as we were hardly able to plan our lessons properly.

When we left they tried to claim that we hadn't completed our contract (we had) and fought with us for two months over whether to pay our bonus. If I hadn't kept a complete email and message trail we would never have got it. They also delayed sending the documents we needed to get a visa with a new company, meaning that we had to leave China to be able to change employers. It was awful.

I might have thought this was a one off except a friend of ours then took a contract with them and had almost exactly the same experience.
Dec 23, 2016 15:49
GUEST46141 hi, Vince. I'm Giorgia from Italy. I also do a videoconference with them. What do you think??
Dec 23, 2016 15:52

Originally Posted by GUEST75220

Hi some people i know work for Rockies in zhongshan, and they love it. my gf and I am about to start working for them as well. We are currently training in Dalian at the moment.

hI!! DID you stay in Zhongshan?
Dec 23, 2016 15:59

Originally Posted by GUESTVIN

Hi mate,

Are you still working for rockies?

Because I also had an offer from them...

Hi I'm Giorgia, maybe in March I will come to China to work with Rockiest English School. What do you think?
Jan 3, 2017 21:52
GUEST03242 I don’t know about Quanzhou, but I worked with Rockies English in a city nearby, Xiamen. They are really close to each other. The principal in Xiamen was originally from Quanzhou so I got to meet some of the teachers there. They seem pretty happy to be in Quanzhou. There are many teachers at Rockies English in Quanzhou. The weather, you are correct to note, is warm in Fujian province.
Jan 24, 2017 02:56
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Does any one have an information regarding Rockies? Are they still hiring?

Kindly email me on|zak
Apr 6, 2017 19:47
GUEST77110 I worked for Rockies, in Dalian (Jin Zhou district) in 2016 for one semester, then I just ran off, together with other 5 foreign teachers.

The salary is pretty low. 8-9k for non natives, plus apartment. 10-11k for natives, plus apartment. You work between 23 and 25 hours a week (that's almost whole day of teaching if you count in breaks between classes). You have to work at different locations, so that means travelling between classes.

They will fix you work visa but no foreign expert certificate.

The supervisors in Jinzhou district are pretty annoying and not very likable. They lie about everything, even small things, on a daily basis and are always looking for a way to screw someone up. It's kind of a mission, I'd say. Amy is the captain in Jin Zhou district, Katherine and Kitty are her soldiers.

All in all, my suggestion is not to involve with this company. There are so many schools in China that pay at least double than Rockies does.

Also, if you're already there and having problems with Amy or her crew, don't hesitate to send an email to the headquarters. Not that that will help much, but still....

Find a better company.

Apr 7, 2017 00:06
GUEST14177 I worked with Rockies (Dalian, 'Unknown city' and Dalian - Jinzhou district).
E.T.A. = Excellent to Avoid.
They make you work the whole day, which wouldn't be a problem if the pay is right, but it's not, it's ridiculous (around 8-9k). You leave your apartment around 6:40am and come back home around 5pm dead tired (if you're lucky and they don't make you work in the kindergartens for 1 or 2 hour extra). If you refuse to work in kindergartens they will reduce your salary (which is already low) by 1000rmb. All they want is to screw you and make you work like a slave for pennies. Also they lie much and they can't be trusted, especially their managers, like 'half brain' Amy and a super lazy cor-crouch Katherine. They are so lazy and incompetent. They sometimes ask you to adapt your english to their 'Chinese' version (''Chingish''), means that you have to twist your english into something stupid. You will refuse of course. ffs

Then there's this guy Derek, he is a manager now (not long). He's a foreigner, around 45 years old. A Scottish. He talks funny and you can't always understand him. For example for "birds" his word is "bards". lol
That wouldn't be a problem if the guy is normal. He's an as-hole. He acts like he is ''god'' or something. He is rude and nobody likes him (except Amy and her ass-kissers).

Rockies? - Give me a break. Thank you but no thank you.
Anyway, now I earn more than double for the exact hours.
Apr 7, 2017 00:43
GUEST14177 ... update:
The bottom line is that Rockies is not great but at least the job is legit. They will get you the documents, and they will put you to work, and they will pay you on time. But if you don't have to then avoid them.

TIPS - if you work and if you plan to work with Rockies:
1. Rockies will low ball you, means you get low salary/too much work, so try to find better offers

2. Always, and I mean ALWAYS by all means, ask written confirmation (email/wechat/sms/paper for just about ANYTHING. Keep all conversations (deals) with them recorded. (they will try to screw you sometimes, because they will claim that they didn't say something or agreed with something)

3. If you try to leave the company, prepare yourself, they will try to make that part difficult for you. The worst thing that can happen is that you have to leave China and go trough the process again.
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