Should the tiger that killed a visitor be sentenced to death?
Feb 7, 2017 00:13
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On January 29, 2017, a sad accident took place in Ningbo Youngor Zoo of Zhejiang Province. A middle-aged man lost his life in his attempt to evade the entrance ticket of the zoo. He did not enter from the main gate. Instead, he climbed over a high wall in order to enter. Unfortunately, he fell down to the Tiger Zone and was killed by a hungry tiger. Then the tiger was shot down by policemen as punishment.

This accident soon drew the attention of netizens and a discussion about whether the tiger should be killed was stirred up. Some said the tiger was blameless. It might bite the visitor by instinct. The visitor just should pay the bill for his breach of rules. The rest held the opposite opinion. They thought the tiger was aggressive. It might attack others in the future. To prevent such cases, it should be killed. In addition, the zoo charged visitors too much, about CNY 150 per person. For low-income families, they may not afford to visit the zoo, so it was reasonable that the visitor tried to evade the ticket.

I personally think the tiger shouldn’t be killed. As long as all obey the regulations of the zoo, it’s almost impossible for the tiger to attack visitors. However, the zoo should charge lower. What’s your opinion?
Feb 27, 2017 01:01
No way! Tiger was acting naturally under the circumstances. What would be the reason for killing the tiger? To punish it for eating a human that fell into its cage?
Mar 8, 2017 07:13
GUESTMUGER the tiger acted naturally, there's absolutely no wrong with tigers attitude, it's absolutely certain animals nature to kill and eat flush of either animal nor human, the tiger does not have intelligence separate between human and animas, no matter what it st who they if the tiger naturally permitted to kill and eat they certainly do its job,

it's our duty to secure ourselves, and definitively we are intelligent human, it's really sad news to hear the tiger is killed, and of course before if attacking the boy and the boy is help less to protect himself then, it's necessary however to protect first the boy, using gun or any arm to hurt or take life of the attacking animal no matter which one it is

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