University Interpretation Team——Be your personal travel China guide!
Dec 22, 2019 19:39
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We are concerned about the latest domestic export industry trends
and international trade rules, we have mature innovative trade analysis,
we have a long-term and stable cooperation with freight forwarding companies,
we believe we can offer the most professional service from purchasing to shipping.

We keep abreast of the latest developments in Chinese tourism industry and
keep in touch of local travel agents, we sure to give you the most local fun plan.

We care a lots about the moral character of interpreters and quality of service,
We have a humanized strict selection and training method, to ensure that guests will
have a safe and convenient journey.

Now, our interpreter team is from all over China, most of them are kind and
honest people who like to help, share, travel and make new friends. They are
university students, foreign enterprise assistant, export managers, export purchaser...
We will choose the right person according to your budget and purpose of visit.

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Business Trip & Leisure Tourism

Transparent pricing of interpretation services, no hidden consumption.
If you need a a long-trip service, after we confirm the schedule, we will provide the total amount for your reference within 3 days.

Dec 22, 2019 22:21
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Hi friends,

Thank you so much for reading here, this is Skyler, an optimistic hard-working girl.
I have worked as export sales in construction industry more than 3 years, from a beginner to export manager, then assistant general manager to develop a new branch office. Finally, I worked as a purchasing manager in a Korean OEM bag company for 1 year, responsible for controlling procurement costs, leadtime and shipping time to oversea development department and factories(Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar), quality assessment, and sourcing new suppliers for new material development. In the meantime, I have been helping purchasing and export more than three years, from part-time to full-time. My English is not perfect and experience is not very rich, but I would be happy if I could help and keep learning.

I have worked as a business interpreter for several years, helping my clients with sourcing and export. Due to busy work, I had to turn off some guests and search others for help, since some customers feedback that the service is not good from others, and I don't want to let foreigners feel down in China, finally, I set up my own team.
About founding principle. One the one hand, from your foreigners’ point of view: the popularity of English in most cities in China is low, a lots international software application is banned, Chinese culture has a long history and diverse local characteristic, you might feel inconvenient and strange. Besides, some foreign friends complain to me there are some dishonest Chinese charged high prices and unreasonable extra charges, a assembly-line tour group is boring, also trading quality and leadtime is hard to control... I hope some misunderstanding between foreigner tourists and Chinese can be resolved.
On the other hand, from our Chinese point of view: At present, there is a lack of management in the development of interpretation in China (Even some mature foreign translation agencies, when promoting Chinese interpreters, also temporarily select some right time students from universities. There's no training, but it's expensive, and students get very little.) . Some unethical interpretation agencies or individuals, don't help customers for good prices and terms, even privately asked for commissions from the suppliers, so as to raise the price of customers. Besides, I feel embarrassed by Chinese English cannot catch up with Chinese economic development. Most of Chinese student treat English as a subject not a language, so I want to create a platform to create more opportunities for college students to use English, to reduce the cost of foreigners also.

Welcome to China and hope we can help!

Best wishes & regards,
Team Organizer
China Sky Club

WhatsApp & WeChat : +86 15015258983

Dec 22, 2019 22:25
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