Retirement in China
Aug 13, 2005 06:07
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I am planning a trip to China soon. I'm pretty sure I will like it. I've done some light research already. My question is, "would retirement in China be advisable?" why? or why not?
Thank You
Aug 13, 2005 11:22
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I think it is an advisable choice!China is open to the world,and it is mysterious for the foreigners in some facets!when you retire in China,maybe you can have a new life from then on,yes,you have been into a new world for yourself,it is your own world!
Aug 27, 2005 18:18
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Do you know how I can find information on old folks homes in China? Especially in Yancheng, Jiangsu, China?

Do those facilities provide medical assistance to the elderly who can't take care of themselves?

Thank you,

Aug 28, 2005 11:15
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Hi Eduardo,

As far as I know as a foreigner you can't get retired in China..
Aug 28, 2005 12:13
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If you really love it here there is no reason why you cannot retire here if you're ready for retirement. BUT you will need a visa to stay here. A lot of folk set up a business of sorts to help facilitate this. If you can fund your retirement from abroad it may be possible but the visa is what you need to look into?????????

All the best
Feb 23, 2007 01:07
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A group of us are seriously preparing to retire in China. We have selected a location suitable as both a retirement or holiday home.

Join us as we discuss the feasibility, the options and the finances of making retirement in China a reality!

If you are not looking into retirement but into a short term holiday home where you can immerse yourself into real Chinese culture and community (and not the pseudo-tourist Chinese culture), visit us often as we set up a REAL community of retirement and holiday homes and make rooms available for you!
Feb 23, 2007 01:11
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Join the retirement discussion at:
Feb 24, 2007 01:34
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Wow !! I just noticed, this is an old thread, which has been resurrected !!

Yes, many people from foreign countries, including America, go to China to live and retire. I have a good friend, also from California, who is an elementary school teacher in GZ. He tells me he will never come back, other than for a visit. He is married to a Chinese national. He is very happy, both in China and with his lovely Chinese Lao Po.

I wonder how member EDUARDO, is doing now ?? I have been to the mountain Wilderness Area, in his profile photo many times. It is S/E of Los Angeles, about 90 minutes, by car.
Mar 1, 2007 00:35
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Yes Roger, marriage to a national is one way to get a visa, but otherwise how can it be done? My guess is to somehow get an F visa and hope to be able to renew it every year. Anyone know better?
Mar 13, 2007 20:31
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At the moment, can't think of any better way than a F visa and then doing visa runs to HongKong.

Once a year visa runs shouldn't be that bad!

Ken Zhong
Mar 13, 2007 21:21
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A business would be one way to get the visa, as is marrying a Chinese national (but still you don't get automatic residency- you can take a one year L (tourist) visa for foreign spouses or a PRC citizen and renew every year, work, or get an F visa, the work and F visas having nothing to do with your spouse), or you could get a nice, easy foreign teacher job at a state school (12 - 16 hours oral English which doesn't require a huge amount of prep or paperwork is typical for a state school).

Retiring in China is a fine idea, but you can't just waltz on in with your retirement plans and expect it to be all hunky-dory. I'm in China married to a PRC citizen and I still have a few years to wait till I can even hope to get residency.
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