Retirement in China
Mar 14, 2007 04:33
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O.K I'm not the smartest one on the block I'll admit that. But I have plans on going to Siping, Jilin province and all these different forms of visa's are a bit mind numbing. L visa, F visa, PRC citizenship?? Could someone elaborate please? Thanks.
Mar 14, 2007 16:21
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I have started a new thread on visas.
Nov 10, 2007 16:56
GUEST26153 I've been to China twice, I love China and it's people, I don't like the food, but it is great, and very cheap.
Nov 11, 2007 14:13
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Old thread, but interesting, though.
Retiring in China has crossed my mind sometimes, but there are quite many questions.
Does anyone know exactly how Chinese health care is standing? Quite relevant question, I think.
What about polluted air which is getting worse all time? I think it was Daily News I read in plane flying to China first time, maybe it was 27. or 28. June this year. There was a large article about cathastrophic situation of air of Chinese cities. Some estimations were that polluted air might kill about 0,5 million people / year in China.

Those are the top questions when I think about retiring in China.

Also in south China I noticed that in many buildings was mouldy smell. Humidity there is high, and definitely gives mould a nice possibility to grow. And as all know, mould in buildings courses problems in lungs.

So, maybe better to think about these things too before getting retired in China.
Nov 17, 2007 22:42
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My thoughts entirely Carlos. The pollution, congestion, health system would weigh heavily on my mind. Lack of communication would be an incredible problem. So you would need to be very sure you could speak Mandarin....I doubt you would ever read it. Does anyone actually retire in China from abroad. I have met westerners who have retired in the mountains of India. I have retired in Australia but I can play an active part in society....volunteering. Maybe you can also do that in China.
Is there a concept of retiring in China or is that reserved for gov officials?
Nov 18, 2007 03:22
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I'm planning to marry a Chinese lady in the New Year and am already living on a Company Pension that is totally inadequate in the U.K. but is enough to finance a reasonable standard of living in China.Depending on where i eventually live in China, i've been advised that an income of APPROX. 6,500 RMB per month is a good start with part-time job teaching English to help afford a few of lifes little luxuries. If anyone with experience has any different views ,i'd be happy to hear from them.
Nov 18, 2007 04:00
GUEST21131 Yes, teaching in China is advisable and you may be lucky to be offered with an apartment for free.
Dec 30, 2007 17:37
GUEST16775 I have lived and worked in China for many years and have found the country and people wonderfull. I plan on retiring in Chengdu. I will purchase an apartment there for approx 75,000.00 US. 3 bedroom 2 bath in a new hi rise. My retirement amount will be around 4,500.00US per month and at that I can live the rich life if i choose to do so. VISA's, no big deal, once a year to Hong Kong is easy. Try a year there and you won't want to go back. If you are single Chinese woman are the most affectionate and loving you will find in the world. One other thing, learn the culture, life will be so much easier. By the way, there is an Irish Pub in every city in China, Thank God for the Irish

Good Luck

Jan 2, 2008 03:12
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Strongly recommend to keep Billybaxter's advise in mind. Pollution and traffic is getting worse every day. Food is mostly poisened, good health care is expensive. You can make a living as teacher, no problem, but I would not make it my retirement place.

Don't get this wrong, I have been working here for 8 years, speak and read and write fluently, love the country, but I never manged to really assimilate (and I did not really want). don't underestimate the cultural gap even you speak the language.

Not all the people are nice, some are real assholes (like in any country) and can get very nasty. People are getting more and more racist (good brainwashing by the government) and money-hungy. So have a good thought if Thailand or Europe or whatever wouldn't be a better place. It's fun for a couple of years but not more. A couple of teachers I know ended up becoming weird persons drinking to much.

Jan 23, 2008 09:14
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Do you have any information about Social Security's "Earning Cap" in China? I want to retire but continue to work in China. Does SS have a wage cap on earnings in China?

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