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to backpackers who wants to expereince rural life in kaili
| Homestay | Jul 6, 2008 00:09
festivals coming up during the chinese new year around rural
| Ads Board | Jan 16, 2008 08:31
Festivals coming up around chinese new year in rural area kaili
| Ads Board | Jan 6, 2008 02:49
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Minority festivals coming up Jan --Feb Kaili guizhou ( spring festival) | -General- | Dec 26, 2008 01:27
Kaili , the capital city of QingDongNan which encircled by the numberous villages, the name " land of festival" with 158 festivals year around, kaili QingDongNan with largest Miao village xijiang and largest Dong village ZhaoXing make its unique , less tourist yet full of rich minority cultures.
here is the festiavls which are going to be hold during the spring festival time.

Date Festival PLace minority

Jan 26 ---Feb 1st JiSa Festival LiPin Long'e Dong
Jan 27 ---30 Kanhui Festival DanZai WuLiNan Miao
Jan 31 ChaiGuFestival TaiJiang Miao
Feb 3rd---9th Dragon lautin festival shibing Miao
Feb 4th---9th Lusheng Festival Da fengdomg Miao
Feb 6th---7th LuSheng Festival Kaili QingMan Miao
Feb 6th---8th LuSheng festival Majiang Tong Gu Miao
Feb7th--8th Lusheng Festival Kaili WanChao Miao Miao
Feb8th LuSheng Festival ZuoXi ShiQi Village kaili Miao
Feb 8th---9th LuSheng Festival DaZhong Village zhuoXi Kaili Miao
Feb 9th d ragon Lautin Festival TaJiang , Jian He, JingPing Miao
Feb 9th--Feb10th Clmb moutain Festival LuSha Miao
Feb 9th --11th KanHui PangHai , WanShui Miao
Feb9th---11th KanHui DanZai Miao
Feb 10th --11th Kanhui ZhouXi Miao
Feb11 Lusheng Festival WanChao Miao
I am Miao girl from kaili, if you interested in travel these area, I would be willing to help, in return if you teach me English and French.
drop me gmail.com|wuminlouisa
Festivals coming up during the chinese new year rural area kaili guizhou | Anhui | Jan 7, 2008 09:05
There are some LuSheng Festivals coming up during the chinese new year!
Feb 7--13 Dong ShuiKou, LongEr
Feb 7--23 Miao DanZhai, Pai Diao
Feb 8--10 Miao DanZhai, KongQing
Feb 8--11 Miao LuShan
Feb 12 Miao TaiJiang
Feb 18--19 Miao QingMan
Feb 19--20 Maio WanChao
Feb20 Miao Zhouxi,ShiQing Village
Feb 20--21 Miao ZhouXi,DaZhong
Feb 20--21 Miao TaiJiang ( Dragon Latin Festival)
Feb21--22 Miao LuShan
Feb 21--23 Miao PanHai, WanShui
Feb 21--23 Miao DanZhai
Feb22---26 Miao ZhouXi
Feb 23 Miao WanChao
Feb23--25 Miao MaJiang
let your eyes leading you to the countryside where suaround by mountains and rivers,where are you can enjoy homestay with local family in the peaceful village. Miao, known as Hmong in the West, is one of the minority groups of China.
kaiLi is less tourism place compare other city but exciting place to be!
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