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| Travel Q&A | Sep 8, 2005 02:09
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| Travel Q&A | Aug 20, 2005 19:38
Common Courtesies
| Travel Q&A | Jul 29, 2005 20:17
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<A>Go Ahead...Look Back
 From Guangdong | Jul 28, 2005 10:07
<A>The Uphill Journey
 From Beijing | Jul 26, 2005 09:07
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Sik Sik Yuen Garden | Hong Kong | Aug 2, 2005 10:24
Sik Sik Yuen Garden is a veritable oasis of serenity amid the chaos of Hong Kong's bustling city life. The garden is a peaceful green spot, and it is visited by many tourists as well as the locals.

This sanctuary offers viewers a picturesque Kodak moment in just about every inch of the garden. As an exotic yet traditional Chinese garden, Sik Sik Yuen is full of pavilions, ponds, streams, rocks, bridges, flowers, trees, a corridor, and a man-made waterfall.

The garden is one of two gardens on the Wong Tai Sin Temple Compound. Along with the Sik Sik Yuen Garden, the other features of the Wong Tai Sin Temple include: the triple-arch gate; two terraces; the main altar; the Three Saints Hall; the five geomantic buildings of Bronze Pavilion, Archives Hall, Fountain, Yue Heung Shrine, and Earth Wall; the Unicorn Hall; the Ye Mut Hall; the Fung Ming Hall; and the Nine Dragon Wall Garden.

Lastly, after a leisurely stroll through Sik Sik Yuen, if you enjoy having your fortune told then you can visit the fortune-telling arcade, which also is a part of the Wong Tai Sin Temple complex. Additionally, there are oblation stalls that are in this complex.
A Five-Star Hotel | Guangdong | Jul 28, 2005 19:13
Sitting on the corner of one of Foshan's busiest intersections is Foshan Hotel, the city's best known 5-Star Hotel. I like the fact that it is within walking distance from where I teach and live, allowing family and friends visiting me to be literally right around the corner from me.
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Guangdong | August 6, 2005 - August 6, 2005

I dislike the fact that many Guangdong cities' names do not appear in the "been to" list. Like Guangzhou and Shenzhen, I should be able to click on Foshan and Zhuhai.

I only got to see Zhuhai for 2 hours, not counting what I saw from my bus' window. Gorgeous sites, that's all I can say. I will return again to this city.
Macau | August 6, 2005 - August 6, 2005
My Macau trip pretty much was a 1 day shopping excursion, but we (my 63 other Foshan Tours travelers and I) did find time to visit a few tourist spots. Of the famous Citadel of Sao Paulo Do Monte, A-Ma and Kun Lam Temples, and Museu de Macau, A-Ma Temple moved me the most.
Hong Kong | July 30, 2005 - July 31, 2005
My two days and one night tour of Hong Kong was fun, even though we went through various tourist spots like Olympic sprinters. The highlight of this tour was the Sik Sik Yuen Garden of the Wong Tai Sin Temple, which is a “must see.” I also loved my view of Victoria Harbour from The Peak.
Tianjin | July 19, 2005 - July 19, 2005
The Chinese members of my group decided that they wanted to change our tour. Instead of spending the designated 5 days in Beijing, they chose to go shopping and eating in Tianjin. They had heard that the food and shopping were better in Tianjin.

We did see a couple of sights while we were in Tianjin. The Ancient Culture Street, the oldest street in Tianjin, was my favorite place.
Beijing | July 16, 2005 - July 20, 2005
I booked a tour of Beijing through Foshan Tours. During this five days four nights tour, my group also spent one day in Tianjin. The tour was jam-packed with too many sights with too little time to enjoy them thoroughly. I will have to go back and take some time to enjoy the Beijing beauty. I also only had time for phone conversattions with my friend, Diane.
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Aug 7, 2005 18:38
Category: Tianjin
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