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Snow and Ice world | Harbin | Feb 20, 2005 18:33
Got to Harbin about 11:30pm from a flight from Kunming. The airport is a fair way out of Harbin. All the taxi drivers hounded us to take a taxi into town. Very expensive trip, better alternative is to take the bus only 20 yuan. Buses wait outside the airport. Found a nice, cheap little place to stay for 40 yuan right near the train station, very warm and comfortable. Next day took a taxi ( 20 yuan ) to the ice and snow festival. Remember, Harbin's temperture can get to - 35 degrees celsius so keep warm! The enterance fee is 80 yuan but I guess if you are in Harbin, you probably should go and see it. There are lots slides to keep people amused and the sculptures are quite impressive, if you have not been to Quebec that is, the wind is very cold though and we got riped off for a pot of tea costing 40 yuan! it was tasty though. Beware, it's quite expensive for anything to purchase including slides and taking photo's of camels, just try and sneak a slide in, it's good fun. Remember, if you are not acustomed to cold weather, be prepared for some. I've been living in Mudanjiang ( about 4 hours train from Harbin ) for 3 months and I'm still not use to it, I am Australian though.
Have fun!
Tickets | Guangzhou | Feb 15, 2005 18:28
Despite what people say in regaurds to purchasing train tickets over spring festival, I've only had one minor set back in Guangzhou. The west train station is a nightmare! All of China's population must have wanted to leave to go somewhere. I had to wait in line for two and a half hours to get a ticket to Shenzhen, just to find out that they couldn't give me one! Boy what a mistake, I know now that to go to the east train station via subway ( cost 5 yuan) is a lot less stressful and there is a 10 minute wait at best. Thats a lot better than two and a half hours of complete bordom, apart from the little arguments that break out.Apart from that little set back I've had no problems at all getting tickets from the stations and it's a little cheaper than the booking offices.
Have fun!
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