Terrible Hutong Tour with ineedhotel.com

Written by Aug 14, 2010 08:51
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I wish I had researched my tour company more before booking my own private tour through ineedhotel.com. I typically don't post reviews but since my own experience was so bad I think it would benefit the traveling community to avoid this tour company.

I actually found my tour through SinoHotelGuide.com which had the cheapest tour for the most content which included the drum tower, a pedicab tour of the hutongs, and Prince Gong's mansion in approx. 2.5hrs.

First my guide provided little additional information to what we could read on the signs for ourselves and often times he couldn't answer our questions. We went through the drum tower and the hutongs and the tour came to a sudden end. When I asked about PG's mansion he said the tour didn't include it. Later when I contacted the tour coordinator, she apologized and said there was an event at Prince Gong's mansion and that's why we couldn't go. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, we rescheduled for another day for our tour of PG's mansion.

Since I'm familiar with the city I went to the mansion on my own and was told I just call my guide once I've arrived. When I called 10 minutes before my rescheduled tour time, the girl seemed surprised that I was already there and I therefore assumed she would hurry from wherever she was to meet us. 30 minutes later she arrives with no apology and says they're really busy that day and could only buy our tickets for us and not guide us through. Unlike most Beijing attractions, PG's mansion has no English except for the name of the building and so we went through the mansion without a clue of what we were looking at. Perhaps not learning anything could've been canceled out by enjoying the beautiful gardens however the place was packed with other tourists.

In summary (aside from avoiding this tour company) I believe the drum tower and hutongs are easy enough to go on your own and if you ever go to Prince Gong's mansion it'll help to go with a knowledgeable guide.

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Sep 18, 2012 04:25 Reply

Mrs.PERSU CRISTINA from Romania said:

I think it was a bad experience for you but it was an experience ...
I wanted to organize a trip with ineedhotel.com and I paid in advance airline tickets ... a huge mistake .. Now I have no tickets or money. From one month I'm trying to recover my money back but I don't think I'll have them back. They said me all sorts of lies like: national holidays in China, accountant's holiday, that I bought tickets too early (one month in advance!!!!)...all sorts of lies.
Ineedhotel.com = Scam, lies, deceit


Aug 16, 2010 21:17 Reply

Mr.JACK from China said:

I feel so sorry for your bad experience. It proves an old Chinese saying again: The higher is the price; the Better is the quality of the merchandise. I have once booked a tour to Guilin with travelchinaguide.com, although the price was a little higher, but it really was a nice and exciting trip. BTW, thanks for your review, I'll go to the Drum Tower and Hutongs by myself.

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