A Short But Exciting Holiday in Guilin

Written by Mr. FRANCIS LIEW Apr 12, 2011 04:59
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First permit me to say a big thank you to Kevin Li, our local tour guide in Guilin.  Kevin is a nice and obliging tour leader.  His English is good  and I never saw him complaining.  This young man has got a great future in the tourist industry. Ask for Kevin Li if you need a guide.  Highly recommended. We spent three  wonderful days in Guilin and Yang Shou.


We definitely plan to go back for a longer visit. The only complain was the dirty fog-like mist that enveloped the whole of Guilin during our visit there.  Our boat ride up the River Li to see the beautiful limestone hills was spoilt by the mist.  What we actually saw was only an outline of the hills as visibility was really bad.

The boat ride to see comorants fishing was interesting but again progress has spoilt the whole scenery.  What was meant as a rustic boat ride turned out to be the contrary.  Right up the banks of the river were these apartments for the well heeled tourists.  It was a real dampener.  The ecology of the surrounding area should be retained and not be used for development of any kind.  Very soon, this rustic scenery would be all gone. IT IS VERY SAD TO ENVISAGE THIS. 

Apart from the above comment, it was a very nice holiday and we were not disappointed.  THANK YOU GUILIN!!

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Nov 18, 2011 15:32 Reply

Ms.TAY from Singapore said:

Hi, Is it better to do sights in Guilin 1st then Yangshuo in Dec? Any problem to bring 1big and 1 small suitcases onto the ferry for the Li river cruise? Any storage/charge? Is it easier/more expensive to go to Guilin Liangjiang Airport from Yangshuo than Guilin? How long and how much is ride to airport? Also any recommendations for hotels(clean,safe,convenient) in these 2 towns? Million Thanks for any help.


Nov 18, 2011 10:49 Reply

Mrs.J GOH from Singapore said:

Hello, I'll be visiting Guilin in early Dec 2011. Is it also foggy/misty at that time also? I want to enjoy the views of the Li river (cruise) that everyone talks about. Similarly is it worth a visit to Longsheng Terrace Field? How long is the journey to Guilin from Yangshuo? How much by bus(public), taxi or any express coach? Must book in advance? Is there any interesting place along the way I can visit? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks


Sep 19, 2011 09:49 Reply

Mr.HOK SUM CHAN from Singapore said:

Hi I will be visiting Guilin in October with my wife and is also our 30th wedding anniversary. I saw a review and Mr Kelin Li which is a tour guide strongly recommended .
Since is our wedding anniversary we would very much want to have a enyoyable time in Guilin. Can someone help me get in touch with Me Kelivin Li so that we can entrust my trip to him.
A Million Thank You


May 27, 2011 00:51 Reply

JENNY PHILIPPINES from Philippines said:

is there a direct flight or train xiamen to guilin, and guangzhou to guilin to xiamen?thanks

May 27, 2011 21:20
JACK from China replied:

There are direct Xiamen-Guilin, Guanzhou-Guilin, Guilin-Xiamen flights and Guangzhou-Guilin trains, but no direct trains between Guilin and Xiamen.


May 13, 2011 17:33 Reply

Mr.MLEAHY said:

An earlier visitor, Mr. LIEW , at the start of this thread, commented that the wonderful scenery was spoilt, in April, by "the dirty fog-like mist that enveloped the whole of Guilin" during his visit there. I plan to visit China in the second half of October. A possible route - Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Guilin, Xian, Beijing. If however the visibility in Guilin was likely to be poor then I would probably fly direct from Guangzhou to Xian, and visit Guilin another time and give it about a week. Thanks for all the information in these threads. ML

May 13, 2011 20:36
Mr.JACK from China replied:

It is usually cool and clear in Guilin in October. There is little chance to meet fog-mist then.

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