Tour Mt. Huangshan in Rainy and Foggy Days 

Written by Mr. EDISON Aug 16, 2011 19:55
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I have appreciated China’s most beautiful water in Jiuzhaigou Valley. This summer holiday, I planned to visit its most beautiful mountain. My friend recommended Mt. Huangshan and I indeed went there.

Day 01
I took a train to reach Huangshan city first. Getting out of the railway station, I found many buses and privately-owned mini-buses running to the Mt. Huangshan. I shared a mini-bus with a foreigner traveler (for I didn’t want to wait for the bus to be fully occupied while the foreigner had too much luggage, which made the driver didn’t want to take him). About 1.5 hours later, I reached the Transfer Center at the foot of Mt. Huangshan, and then changed to the site shuttle bus to Ciguangge Pavilion in about 20 minutes. At about 12:00, I began climbing the mountain. Unfortunately, it started to rain soon after. Took out of the raincoat and put it on, I continued climbing. I was just more careful, for the road seemed slippery.
Climbing Mt. Huangshan
I didn't have time to see beautiful scenery of the mountain in the rain. Also, the raincoat smothered me and made me very uncomfortable. But there was no place to have a rest, I could only keep climbing. Around 1600, the rain finally stopped and the sun showed up. I was so excited and took many beautiful pictures.
Sea of Clouds
At 1800, I reached the Beihai Hotel, where I booked a bed (rmb120 per one) before head. I paid another rmb30 for a shower. Everything was much more expensive up there. Be very tired, I went to bed early.

Day 02
I got up at 0400 am, in order to see the sunrise. However, I waited and waited with other visitors till 0530, the sun didn’t show up. It was fog that day. We just left disappointedly.
Waiting for Sunrise on Mt. Huangshan
I had planned to tour the West Sea Grand Canyon that day. But after consulting several tour guides and the safe guards, I gave up. They all said it was too foggy to appreciate the scenery down there and there was a great chance tourists would get lost in the canyon, which was dangerous. Rather disappointed. After a simple breakfast, I got down the mountain along the same route. Luckily, walking in fog offered a special feeling too, a feeling of walking in a fairy tale world. There was an old Chinese saying ‘It's easier to go up the hill than to run down’ which I couldn’t agree anymore. My legs hurt very much after one night rest. But no pay, no gain. It was the universal rule. Around noon, I went back to Ciguangge Pavilion and took the bus down the mountain.
Isn't it like a fairy tale world?

another pic of this fairy tale world

This was not a very satisfying trip. I strongly recommend tourists to go there in sunny days. But someone says 2/3 of the year is foggy on Mt. Huangshan, so another difficult problem to deal with. I may go there the second time and have an adventure in the West Sea Grand Canyon. Good luck with my next trip.

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Aug 31, 2011 09:01 Reply

Mr.LEE from Canada said:

First, let me thank you for posting these nice pictures. My wife and I visited Huangshan too but in December a few years back. The walk up there was fantastic, and the views were breath-taking. The hotel was nice and the food was great. The hotel room was equipped with two red parka, and they came in handy when we got up early the next morning to view the sunrise. The December morning up there was one word - cold! Unfortunately, like you, it was foggy and we could not see a thing. Our guide did take us on some walking trails despite the fog later in the morning. Although we could not really enjoy the scenaries, we were treated to some spectacular trails hanging by the cliff! It was so scary but at the same time breath-taking! We would love to go back some sunny days!

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