Getting around Gulangyu Island with my parents - Part II 

Written by Jul 23, 2012 22:59
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Day 3

My dad wanted to see 'Sunlight Rock' so that he went up very early headed there.

Sunlight Rock

After breakfast, we packed up our luggage and checked out. We took ferry back to Xiamen and went to Yuehai Hotel by taxi. This time, we asked for a sea view room. It was nice.
Sea View Room

My mom and I chose to stay in the room to have a rest while my dad went out to explore the surroundings.

To tell you the truth, the scenery on the Huanhailu was amazing, especially the plank ways. We originally planned to rent a bike to appreciate the scenery. Unfortunately, we overslept and didn’t make it. There were fewer people at the beach.

My parents and I went to the plank way and then headed back to our hotel. My dad and mom told me that they wanted to swim. Alright! They went to swim in the swimming pool outside of our room. I just stay in the hotel.

People taking wedding photos at the beach

swimming pool

When the night fell, we felt a bit hungry. Then we took a taxi to the downtown area. My parents wanted to taste Hakka dishes. So we went to a Hakka restaurant and ordered five dishes. The rice wine was good but we failed to drink it up. After the dinner, we went to the railway station to buy return tickets. Afterwards, we took a taxi back to our hotel.
rice wine

Braised meat balls in brown sauce (Shi Zi Tou)

Day 4

My parents went out for shopping in the morning. I just stayed at the room and waited them to have lunch together. The satay noodle is very famous. So we decided to taste authentic satay noodles.

With the help of my GPS, we finally arrived at Si Li Satay Noodle Restaurant. Again, my dad was disappointed because the sanitary condition was bad. It was 15:00 but there were still many people at the restaurant. They were all locals there.
satay noodles

Tip: If you want to taste the authentic local food, better ask the locals. They are familiar with local food.

Needless to say, the satay noodles were amazing. After finishing satay noodles, we headed for the Xiamen University. To my impression, it is not a university but a park. The environment and buildings are so amazing.
Xiamen University

Two graduates taking photos in their university


In the evening, we went to Shu You Restaurant to have our last meal in Xiamen. Actually, I wanted to enjoy seafood in Xiao Yan Jing (a restaurant). But my parents didn’t agree because they were afraid that the seafood wouldn’t fill them up. Thus, we went to Shu You Restaurant. Honestly, the dishes we ordered were nice.

Considering that we had to catch the high speed train next morning, we didn’t go anywhere after dinner. Instead, we headed back to our hotel directly. My dad and mom went to sleep early because they were afraid that they couldn’t get up early to catch the train. Me, sat near the swimming pool for a while and enjoyed the night view.
swimming pool at night

Day 5

We got up very early, checked out and went to the railway station to catch the high speed train. The seats were comfortable. We didn’t feel tired after sitting for 8 hours.

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Comments (4)


Jul 28, 2014 10:35 Reply

Mr.JAN N from Netherlands said:

Hello littlepeach,

Thank for your xiamen diary. I am in China now and I, my wife and my chinese son are planning to stay a few days in this town.
Your information is helpfull for us.

Jan N

Jul 28, 2014 20:07

Jan, enjoy your trip. However, you may encounter many tourists there because it's summer vacation. Many parents may take their kids to travel.


Mar 5, 2013 23:48 Reply

Mrs.MABEL TAN from Singapore said:

Hi Ms Little Peach,

Thank you so much for the details. After reading this review, I will follow your itinerary to visit Xiaman / Gulangy and JinMen F&Easy rather than join group tour .

I love to see quiet places n walking, eating exploring the beauty of nature. Thank you very much for your review.


Jul 28, 2014 20:06

Mabel, how is your trip? I am glad that my review is useful to you.


Oct 3, 2012 10:29 Reply

Ms.MARY ONG from Philippines said:

Hi! We plan this time to go Xiamen on end December to 1st week of January, can you suggest where we can tour by that time? Thank you

Oct 5, 2012 20:17

I guess my review already told you where you should go for a visit.


Aug 27, 2012 22:04 Reply

Mr.TINA from Philippines said:

hello littlepeach.

i wanna know if it is suitable to visit this island tis coming october holidays?
please let me know and maybe you can share some sites you visited to plan your tour?
was this tour a self planned?
i'm pretty much sure, my friend and i need a lot of preps coz we both are foreigners and our mandarin still pretty limited.
so maybe if you have time to share more informations about this trip.... that will help us a lot tahnks.

hear from you soon!


Aug 28, 2012 21:18

I do not suggest you visit Gulangyu Island during China National Day Holiday (Oct 1 to 7). There will be too many tourists during that time. You won't have a good trip there.

I planned my trip on my own. I checked some Chinese travelogues and then made my itinerary.

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