China Southern Airline misinformation and deceit

Written by Mrs. LENA NG Mar 13, 2013 08:16
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On March 2, at Baiyun International Airport I had to purchase a ticket from Guangzhou to Ljiang. The China Southern staff checked her computer and informed me that the economy class were fully booked  and  that only FIRST CLASS were available for CZ3487.  This was one hour before boarding. After the plane took flight I noticed my flight, CZ3487, was not fully booked and that nearly 9-10 economy class seats were available. My query to aviation authority is did Southern China Airlines purposely led me to purchase a first class ticket ?

Upon my numerous calls to the airline office in Guangzhou, the airlines denied culpability by saying they could not have known how many economy seats were available  since they did not have information and access to the second leg of their flight (Kunming to Lijiang) !  If this is so how would they also know that there are NO ECONOMY class seats vaialble from Guangzhou to Lijiang?

I find that hard to understand and seek the assistance of aviation authourities to assist me in this “fraud”.
I am writing with the hope that China Aviation Authority  will investage this incident.

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Apr 23, 2013 22:23 Reply


Did you confirm that all of those seats had been booked? Is there a chance that these were "no shows"? There are a lot of different variables which could contribute to the airline having advised that there were only First Class seats available. If you go about it in a polite way, and let them know how disappointed you are, then there may be an option of them even giving you a partial refund, but you won't get far if you are demanding and critical. It's best to cooperate in these situations and hope for the best.

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