Beware of the deceitful staff at the bus stop for 916 express at Dongzhimen

Written by Mr. SHAUN Sep 28, 2014 20:16
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Be extra careful when you catch bus 916 express to Mutianyu. My partner & I were approached by a woman wearing the bus company uniform at the 916 express bus stop and were told Bus 980 was a quicker service and we should catch the 980 instead. We stupidly listened to her and it turned out the bus had taken us the opposite direction from Mutianyu. It became apparent later on that this woman was working with some drivers at Miyun (where we were instructed to get off bus 980) where we were asked to pay 560 yuan (return) for a private hire car to Mutianyu. After much bargaining, we got the price down to 260 yuan. However we were so angry with the way we had been lied to and decided we weren't going to let them make any money from us. We took bus 980 back to Dongzhimen. As that was our last day in Beijing, we ended up taking a quick trip to Badaling instead of Mutiyuan. I thought I'd post our experience online so y'all who read this won't be deceived. 

P.S.  The woman at the bus stop also told us Bus 867 didn't exist anymore. Not sure how truthful that was but we did have a hard time trying to search for the stop for Bus 867.

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May 6, 2016 19:49 Reply

Mr.ESCOLADI from Canada said:

Same thing just happened to us, we were encouraged to take bus 820. After some quick internet searches we decided to get off the bus and get back to Dongzhimen station to take bus 916. We lost 40 mins and 60 CNY because of this but glad it was not worst.
Thank for sharing this info!


Feb 7, 2016 14:35 Reply

Mr.HOLESS from United Kingdom said:

Hi thanks you all so much , we are hoping to trace to beijing - and i have learnt so much already . thanks folks - I will also put up our experience once we have reached there [ summer 2016


May 5, 2015 09:24 Reply

Mr.SCHAER from Switzerland said:

Exactly the same happened to us today! We were right away aware that we stepped into a scam and took photos of the involved cars and persons in Miyun (although they might not helping us to change anything). After snubbing the female accomplice in Miyun we talked to a policemen just 50 meters away who could just speak a little English and didn't show a big reaction. Finally we managed to find a privat driver who brought us to Mutianyu for 160 yuan.
When we were back at Dongzhimen bus station we first complained at the ticket office and afterwards we called a telephone number they provided us there. As commonly in China people are loosing their English as soon as a situation is starting to get unpleasant..

Conclusion: At places like the Forbidden City we are well prepared to meet dozens of people who intend to pick as much money as possible out of our pockets. But to get cheated by a person wearing an official uniform from the bus company and paid by a public institution really daunted us. Is there still anybody out in who we can trust?


Feb 15, 2015 19:28 Reply

Ms.ZAHRA from United Kingdom said:

Thank you so much for this - this literally just happened to my friend and I, we got on the 980 and I did some quick googling to see how long it should take roughly and I stumbled across your post - we got off the bus pretty sharpish and got the subway back to dongzhimen where we finally got the 916 express. Thanks again so much, I hope that others read this too!

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