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Hi I live out side of Sacramento California in the foot hill i just want to say how much i have enjoyed china and how wonderful the people are. And how beautiful china is. I am proud to say i have a met a wonderful woman in china she lives in Guangzhou and she is from Nanchong i well be in china in may to meet her family in Nanchong she is coming to the USA in June of this year and i am taking my 13 year old son in June to meet her and her family he is so excited about finely getting to see her in person he has become great friend with her nephew in Nanchong I would like to buy a home in china and live in the us and china to.

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Hi CALGUY, Your reference to Guangzhou caught my eye. And just fancy, I shall be there also in May from 2nd week onwards. I will learning Mandarin there and teaching English at the same time. I wish you a lovely return to China. Fopr me too it will be my second visit. All the best when your friend comes to the US. I had a very happy time in California two years back. A pupil of mine lives there. All the best, Kevin


Apr 7, 2006 07:35 Reply


Happy for you to have found a gal you love - esp in a foreign land.
But can you be kind enough to write in smaller letters please ? Messages in capitals look intimidating.
Thanking you.

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