train travel from Beijing to Pingyao to Shanghai
Jul 1, 2006 16:00
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What would anyone recommend? Overnight train to Pingyao from Beijing? What station to get off at and how to get to Pingyao? Want to spend 2 days there and then leave to go to Shanghai. Where do we get the train? Approximate costs for sleeper both ways. Want to also go to Wang Compound. Is that easy to do? Thanks so much. 1st trip to China
Jul 2, 2006 19:39
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Since there are no flights operating between Beijing and Pingyao, taking a train seems a good way if not the only way to get to Pingyao. There are two trains:
2519 Beijing West Railway Station/ Pingyao 19:43 - 0656+
N203 Ditto 19:00 - 05:21+
Soft sleeper costs about 240RMB, while hard sleeper 150rmb.

You should get off at the Pingyao Railway Station, which is not far away from the Ancient City. Wang Compound is a good choice, lies about 50km away from Pingyao, 4 times as big as Qiao Compound, it is easy to get when you are in Pingyao. You can take bus near the railway station. After the Wang Compound, you can contiune the visit to Jinci and then Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi Province, where you can take flight back to Beijing.
Jul 3, 2006 09:19
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Rita, thanks for the help on the train info. One more question, as this is confusing to me even though I have done a lot on the internet.The site I used did not have info on Pingyao stop. I would like to take a train from Pingyao to Shanghai to visit Suzhou, Kunshan and Hangzhou and then go to Yangshou via Guilin by air. Can you help with train info from Pingyao or give me a website that I could find it out. I'm confused about distances and best way to travel as I only have a little over 2 weeks before going to Hong Kong. Thanks! Gaia
Jul 3, 2006 10:33
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check the link here:
There's no direct train from Pingyao to Shanghai. Go to Taiyuan, it's near pingyao, only about 2 hours' dirve. Then take Train K371/K374, departure
at 18:12, arrival at 16:59 the next day.In total 1498 kilometres, 22 hours. The ticke price: hard seat-179RMB, hard sleeper:327RMB, soft sleeper nearly 499RMB.
There're also flights to Shanghai from Taiyuan, only near 2 hours, about 1000RMB.

Jul 10, 2006 12:47
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Runnermore, Thanks so much for the info. It has been very helpful!Gaia
Jun 15, 2008 10:14
GUESTBLACKMORE hi I want to book 2 soft sleeper train tickets from Beijing to Pingyao on the night of the 27th june 2008. can I pre book this on the internet?

thank you T Blackmore
Jun 17, 2008 11:48
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Of course you could, if you don't mind paying the online agencies an arm and a leg for it.
Aug 18, 2008 05:34
GUEST12559 Hello everybody!
I would like to to from Yulin in Shaanxi to Pingyao in Shanxi... Do you know how this can be done? bus? train?
there are no information on the net... or probably i haven't found them...

thanks! 谢谢!|pietrodematteis (pls reply here)
Aug 18, 2008 05:52
GUEST12559 Hello, what is the best way to travel from Yulin in Shaanxi to Pingyao in Shanxi? I cannot find info in the net...

Thanksssss|pietrodematteis (pls reply here)

Aug 19, 2008 04:03
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I will reply here, not to yr email, ... so that the information is available to everyone. I will start and maybe others can add info. If you choose not to come back to TCG, too bad!

There is no easy way by train so you should look at taking a bus from Yulin.: there might be a direct one. If not, the most obvious way is to go to Taiyuan and take another there. You are unlikely to find anything in English on the Net but maybe someone can find info in Chinese. But as this guest might not come back...why go to the effort ???
Aug 19, 2008 09:49
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No direct train route. I would suggest that you try connecting via Xi'an.
No direct bus route either.
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