Chinese slang
Aug 23, 2008 16:17
GUEST12811 There are some populars.

"吃了吗"---- not really ask whether you have eaten or not. just say hello to you. and you can response "吃了" or "没吃呢". Its all right. Important: ppl not often ask "吃了吗" at dinner time, unless he/she want you to join him to share the dinner, and, he will pay the bill as a host.

"你真牛!" ----not means you are a cow or a buffalo or this kinds of animals. It means you done so much well, It is a high praise. This phrase is usually be used between acquaintance.

"你又涮我!"----not means you put me into a boiler and boil up. It means WTF you are joking on me again! It's an emotion that you feel depressed or angry. Important: it is an expression of kinds. if someone really do bad things to you, you shouldn't say that. This phrase is usually be used between good friends.
Sep 21, 2008 06:13
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88 in China's Geely is a figure in the spoken language of its meaning, everything is going well

good luck~

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Sep 21, 2008 06:14
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Do as the others do
【注音】suí dà liú
“To do as the others do” is a common mentality,so that one will not court danger as the saying goes:“the bird out of the group will be shot.”

Ex.:As a fashion designer, one must pursue novelty instead of following the trend.
Sep 28, 2008 22:24
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Chinese slang
Can you give a few examples of Chinese colloquialisms? (ie spoken but not written expressions)

“Duan Cha Song Ke” lift the cup(of tea), meas “OK, stop, it’s Enough,you may go now!”
Attention: it often present to foretime, about the Ming and Qing dynasty,

On the table of dinner, if somebody pour tea for you, you may(not should, especially as a foreigner) crook your first & middle fingers, means thanks. It of used in South China, especially Guangdong.
Dec 17, 2008 06:18
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because the sound of 88 is similar to bye bye
Jan 7, 2009 23:24
GUEST92176 what does 2125 mean?
Jan 11, 2009 15:09
GUESTISAAC 88 is slang for 再见 (Zai Jian) meaning good bye, it is mostly used on cellphones or IM's
Feb 1, 2009 07:28
GUEST39142 88=goodbye
Feb 28, 2009 14:14
GUEST36148 what does "salt hands" mean?
Mar 10, 2009 13:24
马马虎虎。pronunciation:MA3 MA3 HU1 HU1
literally it's horse horse tiger tiger. It actually means "it's ok" or "so-so".
for instance, if someone ask you do you like .....(e.g. this dish)? you could say "MA3 MA3 HU1 HU1" which means "it's ok".

or when some people praised you speaks Mandarine so well, you could say "MA3 MA3 HU1 HU1" which means "just so so". it's actually a modest way to mean "thank you".

you can spell this word out in writing. But it's more spoken. and whenever my friend use this word, other people were just shocked! really! they were too surprised he could say such a native speakers' word. lol.
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