Tell Others Your Travel Traps here!
Apr 10, 2007 05:04
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Dear members,

Have you ever met some unpleasant travel traps? You have been cheated by some tour guides to do unnecessary shopping, or your travel agency do not provide you the confirmed itenary or something else? If so, why not share them with others in order that they will not be traped again! For your conviences and more for others!

Here, just a special thread for you to post your travel traps! Hope this thread will be helpful for those travel fans! : )

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Apr 11, 2007 19:39
  • GRIZ326
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Money changers! I know they are a necessary evil, but I always feel as if I've been taken after I change money. They might even have been fair with me, but money changing is one of the most unpleasant things for me to do ANYWHERE in the world.
Apr 11, 2007 21:22
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Tricks of chongqing travel agency for Yangtze cruise boat

Be particularly alert when choosing a service if you're planning a tour of the three gorges area. We, despite our best efforts, were severely ripped off! We were shown luxurious, fantastic photos of first class cabins and after a week of being down, we decided to shell out the extra cash for first class - about 1,500 kuai per ticket. We were assured our rooms were the rooms from the picture and all tickets and everything except food was included.
In the end, our cabin was smaller than your average Chinese toilet, dingy, dirty, smelly and either unpleasantly hot or cold. We were met with amazingly gruff and unfriendly (often bordering on rude) service, aggressive hawking of various wares, etc. We were provided with a "tour guide" who did nothing except show up and ask us to buy tickets. For the two times our tickets <i>were</i> included, she was nowhere to be found and we spent a good part of the time allotted for touring these boring sites looking for her. We were also made to buy a ticket (first priced at 120 kuai each, later "
discounted" to the real price of 40 once we saw that written on the ticket itself) in order to simply go to the parts of the boat where one could see the surrounding scenery, and almost none of the tickets were included. We were asked to pay for almost every one of our stops, excepting two (which noone would really want to see anyway). The worst of which was the actual three gorges dam, where we were not told that our tickets weren't included and we got off the boat, went up in the lift, and suddenly saw our boat departing. We were then completely stuck; buy a ticket to tour the damned dam for 150 kuai or buy a bus ticket to where the boat would meet us for 30.

Long story short, You could say it about doing anything anywhere, but be really careful when you embark on a tour of the three gorges. At all costs avoid 重庆市纵横旅业有限公司 (Chongqing Zongheng Travel agency ltd.), right near the train station!! Don't get ripped off lik
Apr 11, 2007 22:41
  • MAY001
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o, alice, I'm sorry to hear that!
Apr 16, 2007 21:31
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Thanks to MAY for being so nice.
It happened last summer, I already got it over. Just hope nobody will get hurt by them again.
Apr 17, 2007 20:52
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Hi May
It's Jane here,
My university major is tourism ,so i think you need not feel a lot of complaint here.
i suggest find a good travel agency befor your trip
Or you can cancel any travel package, just travel alone
two advices you can choose
hope it helps!
PS: my MSN is wm100t_55@hotmail>com
i like travel and also i have some information about it
if you need some help ,please feel free to let me know
Apr 18, 2007 03:19
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For God's sake, what the heck do you mean about complains here? I'm very grateful that SIVA started this thread.
Find a GOOD travel agency? How? By the sweet words of tricky tour guides who care more about money in your pocket than you? haha...
We need real travel fans' words here to provide with authentic infor.
Apr 18, 2007 20:07
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Last week one of my collegue went to Beijing for a gathering. When he reached the airport he took a taxi outside the airport as the quee in the airport was pretty long. The taxi stopped along the highway a claimed that the vehicle broke down, flagged down another passing vehicle with 2 passenger and asked him to take a ride to the city. The trio stopped somewhere 2 kilometers ahead and robbed my friend, not only that that beat him up as well saying that he only carried that little cash with him.Such things actually happen in Beijing. I'm really disappointed
Apr 18, 2007 21:02
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Sorry to hear that... : (
Every place has evil and good men at the same time......
Apr 19, 2007 00:11
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That I totally agree with you. But just a word of caution for all others, try not to go for cheaper sources, you'll end up penny wise & pound foolish. Always be on your guard especially when you're travelling. You don't know the culture and do not speak their language, so you just have to be extra careful.
Apr 25, 2007 09:45
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It's sad but there are always bad apple in every bunch..Thankfully I've not been ripped off in this fashion although I have on accasion paid a little more for somethings but I feel they have been worth the extra money for the convenience.
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