Giving birth in China
Mar 29, 2008 06:25
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Come on Jabs, don't be so sexist!!! What about the poor father???? Think of all he has been through!
Mar 29, 2008 10:12
  • JCNILE123
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Nice to see you and your family are doing ok in China, I personally use all the information I can gather as important because my girl friend and I plans are to go back to China after a period of time in America, that is after she gets the American citizenship so we can travel with out problems.

Beautiful Baby!
Apr 22, 2008 19:29
GUEST65174 I am due in September in Kunming, Yunnan. Here is an International Hospital that we really like. I had there an emergency appendectomy in September 2007. They did a great job. They gave me an epidural as an anesthetic and a mild sleep agent. They also have a cook that cooks food especially for you, as recommended by the doctor. The service is unbelievable; the rooms look more like a hotel than a hospital, except for the bed that can be positioned any way you want. Also, my husband was able to sleep on the very comfortable couch in the room. A nurse is assigned to you, and checks on you regularly (almost a little too much!). I hope the delivery will go well in September. The doctor is great, and the manager of the hospital is translating for us at every appointment; her English is fluent. I never thought I would be thinking of giving birth in China; but this hospital changed our minds. The price is 6'000RMB ($860), and less if you are a member of the hospital. This fee includes the hospital stay. In case of a C-section, around 10'000RMB. Best wishes to everyone expecting!!
Apr 23, 2008 01:01
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Best wishes to all the mothers and their babies. You can put your babies' photos here if you don't mind, then everyone can share your happiness.
Jun 15, 2008 04:02
GUEST22550 Anyone can help me....I gave birth in China and I don't know what to do. I am an asian and alone here. I am really in so much trouble for my visa got expired the day I gave birth. The doctor told me she can extend my visa but needs passport of my husband..but am not married and I am alone here. I runaway from my country and tried to start a life here because I am not fully aware of the visa policies here. Now that my baby is 8mos old I want to know how I can get a passport for my baby or is it possible that my baby and I can stay here for good.
Jul 22, 2008 07:04
GUEST12672 i am a foreigner and live in nanjing china. i recently found out that im pregnant and went to the doctor earlier today and had an ultra sound, mean while the doctor asked me if im considering on giving birth in china, i said yes.. they told me that its diffcult and that i have to do a few things before its okay. i have no idea what there talking about i dont know any chinesse and there english wasnt good. i have a visa for four years im planning on studying here so i dont know what the problem is? if anyone gave birth in china please tell me what you had to do, i have searched the internet for any answers and havent found anything. ill be grateful for answers thank you.
my email is|frosty_4273
Jan 7, 2009 05:17
GUEST21738 Hi. My baby is due 02/02/2009. I will be having my baby in a local hospital in Shanghai. The cost of the delivery (and stay in hospital included) will be approximately 3000-6000 rmb. That is the cost for a general ward (6 people) and we are going to have a special delivery room which we pay a little more for (so that my husband can join me during delivery, otherwise no partners are usually allowed into the labour ward). You can have an epidural at approximately 1000 rmb per dose (I am not sure though if that is included in the price I gave above). As for other pain relief options - there are none! It's epidural or nothing! Strange isn't it?
Jan 17, 2009 04:11
GUEST01252 Any information on midwives doing homebirths in China?
Feb 22, 2009 08:57

I'm considering getting pregnant in China where i am living with my bfr. Can anyone tell me where can i find the best hospital for ceasarian surgery and what is the cos of it?
can anyone also reomend me a good gynecologists who speaks english?

thank you so much

sorry for mistakes - i am Polish :)
Feb 22, 2009 21:00
GUESTOCEAN I forgot to add that i am living in Guangzhou ;)
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