Why marry a Chinese girl?
Jun 19, 2012 19:35
GUEST21862 the problem is that chinese girls nowadays do not care the true love, they consider the true love as a joke (and sure they would never tell you that!) chinese girls are way too materialistic, speak for my own experience. What they want are only green card, money, or just any foreign boyfriend. for the marriage, the main problem is i could NOT bear them, they will never apologize after argueing with you! However, I am TOTALLY disappointed with the chinese girls nowadays.
Jun 19, 2012 19:48
GUEST21862 Hahaha for me chinese girls are NOT long-legged. And sure they do NOT have nice boobs or nice butts! The only good thing is they are easy. I find girls from other race have much better boobs and butts than chinese girls. XD But white girls are always classy and difficult, blacks means AIDS (no racism), latins might be a better choice :-) but i am in china right now and will be back after 1 year :/ cant believe people here eat rice...
Jun 19, 2012 19:57
GUEST21862 In general, my rules for chinese girls are: game with them, NEVER get married!
Jun 24, 2012 03:29
GUEST16156 believe me, chinese girls are far away to be a real idealist girl that men can imagine...

- first, life is a game for them... does not matter what, married or not married... and that is completly true, men have to guess what they have in mind.
- second, they will never accept that they are wrong... honestly i don t know why ? too proud ? mh??!!
- no real respect for things in general.
- if they do not have a real answer or justifitive from a question... they will tell you, here it is china, or they will tell you, well i am chinese... or people in china are like that.
- then, if you express yourself about something that you have , notice that was bad... she will do agree with you... but she will not mean it really, because she is also like this.
- if you do not accept what she wants, she will play the little girl.or even cry ( it s fake ).
- most of the time, she will tell you that she bought something for you... but the real part, it will be for her...
- they always expect more from a man than they can provide.
- most of topic of the day, MONEY.
- reading book, usually, love story... so bullshit.

i think that i said the most commun... GOOD LUCK for men who want to be with a chinese women... honestly, i regret my marriage
Jun 24, 2012 03:56
GUEST95233 GUEST16156 you obviously have little experience with women. Your list pretty much sums up women in general....of any race. Learn to adjust and live with it.
Jul 2, 2012 14:44
GUEST57181 may be I am wrong but I have observed that Chinese, Thai, mostly Asian poor countries girls in fact do not marry they do compromise with aged peoples just for Nationality .
Jul 18, 2012 00:12
There no may be a special reason behind this Why marry a Chinese girl? if you like or love a Chinese girl so there is no reason to marry with a Chinese girl in fact it should be happen due to this our dignity will get increase in our society !
Jul 23, 2012 17:35
GUEST68179 Hi dear Team
my name is Mohamadreza Soori from Iran.I am civil structure engineer and I have started kyukoshin kai karate since I was 5 years old,my father is my master.I have liked Eastern Asia(China-Japan..)since I was child.I liked doing ace KONG FO,but my father is master of karate.I wish to marriage with a chinese girl and I wish to see great wall, Bijin, Shanghai, and walking in chinese Earth since I was child,I wish to marriage with a beautiful and honest chinese girl.I will want to have a good life with lovely and honestly with a chinese girl that having good morals.this is my great wish and my aim.please guide me.thanks.
Jul 31, 2012 10:41
GUESTDUDE Okay, obviously most people here r idiots,

1. You try to marry asian women cause you failed at western
2. Most of you make it look like it doesnt matter how you look you can always get asian women
3. You cannot no you can never say things like western women are too this or that/ asian womn are this and that because race doesn't matter you love the women you are with because you love her not because she is asian black or white.

You date asian women and you still all use the stereotype aeian womn as an example.. Womething here is not quite right

Thing is there are lots of ugly western men who have money and chinese women are easier for western men cUse they like our skin color hAir and thec olor of out eyes. So the easiest thing for these men to say is that western women suck.

I'm still a teen and live in europe i date enough girls here but i happen to think some asian girls i know are the most beautiful which is perfecly to think but please do not use stereotypes or it ur 40/50 years old n just married an asian lady its not love, and u failed at life :)

Gr. A Guy who just likes to see good looking girls pass by whatever their race is (not looking for anyone.)

Aug 7, 2012 09:46
GUEST70150 I have known a Chinese lady for a few years now and we intend to marry in the next year or so. It saddens me to see the attitude of many on this forum who seem to have bitterness, or are ignorant of what Chinese culture means to many chinese people. My girl is smart, hard working and a success in her own right. She does not need me - a western man, for my money, nationality or any other reason than that she has grown to love me, and she wants (and deserves) a good, faithful, loving man as a husband.

I have met her family in China. I took some time to understand enough of their culture to show them respect. They have responded by opening their hearts to me. Their attitude to family is in many ways a lesson that western society could learn from.

If you think that chinese girls are submissive, and this attracts you because you are arrogant, or you think that you can push them around - think again - most of the chinese girls I have met are no fools. I expect that if they come to understand that you are like this they will leave you, and rather than face up to your problems you will blame them etc. Please look first at yourself.

My girl seeks a man that cares for and loves her - and seeks to be submissive to her man. Not because she is weak, but because her husband is a strong, safe arm for her to hold.

I guess any nationality of girl may be like this, and that some chinese girls have issues that make them unsuccessful as wives, but now I have met this person, I am biased towards a Chinese lady forever.
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