What is the best way to translate 中国加油? (zhong guo jia you)
Aug 15, 2008 21:09
GUEST41245 中国 => China
加 => add
油 => gas

lol,, he is just making fun of it
Aug 19, 2008 02:54
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I prefer " Be strong China!" which I always say to myself.

But now i have a new idea, how about "Cheer up China!"?

Aug 21, 2008 22:57
GUEST40159 Jiayou means a lot in Chinese. in the phase "China Jiayou", it means "Hang in there, China"
Aug 22, 2008 00:17
GUESTTAIWAN Don't Translate to any......
Only said "Jiayou"
for example: USA Jiayou....Taiwan Jiayou.....China Jiayou...
Aug 22, 2008 01:54
GUEST19155 中国加油,有不放弃,发奋,努力的意思。英文应该叫don't give up
Aug 22, 2008 02:57
GUEST33769 "jia you" mean encouragement and hope

"jia you" translate to "go go go" or "come on!"
Aug 22, 2008 11:27
GUEST19784 我是中国人,在中国加油其实有很多用法,第一种很简单就是给车或其他交通工具添加燃油或者是为烹饪的食物加油,第二种是体育活动种常用的,意味着努力,加速,坚持不懈,还有一种也就是在这次地震中出现的在这里的意思应该也有坚持不懈的意思,更多的是振作,努力。

I am a Chinese, in China this word has a lot of means, first is a very simple mean ,that is to add oil or fuel for car, the second is commonly used in sports, means that efforts to accelerate , Perseverance, this is also in the earthquake of China. that is also appearing in the meaning here ,that is should have the meaning of Perseverance, is more emerge, efforts.

sorry,my English is very poor

Who can teach me English My|tcmtk
Aug 22, 2008 15:37
GUEST22930 Jianyou can be translated into Pump it up! Pump it up!
Aug 22, 2008 17:10
GUEST12883 err...It's really hard to translate "jia you" into Enlgish by one single word or one phrase! Maybe "come on" is the most approximately.

jia you, the original meaning is to fill oil into a gasoline tank, or when something doesn't run well or before cooking.
other meanings,
1) to encourage/surport someone/something when it is depressed.
2) to boost the morale of someone/something when it is being at a game/battle/etc.
3) a good wish/hoping that someone/something do it's better or do more efforts.
Aug 22, 2008 19:10
GUEST61246 "China, power on"
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