Prawns + Vitamin C=Poison?
Dec 4, 2009 15:51
GUEST76106 another urban legend made for ignorant brains.....
Dec 5, 2009 05:03
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prawn and lemon juice or pineapple is one of the most delicious food^-^
Feb 9, 2010 20:12
GUEST23462 In Taiwan, a lady suddenly died with symtoms including bleeding to her noses, mouth, ears and eyes. Intial doctor inspection was that she was poisoned with ADB arsenic anhydride (As203) which has been used to decorate yellow lines on plates, bows. So how was ADB arsenic anhydride (As203) formed inher body?

A professor arrived at the scene within half an hour and concluded that she didn't commit suicide nor being killed by anyone, but died from ignorance of food chemical reactions.

The professor said ADB arsenic anhydride (As203) is formed in her stomach. The dead lady had daily consumed Vitamin C tablets which have no problems for her health. The trouble is that she ate too much prawns that night. Eating prawns is not problem as many people in her family also ate prawns that night. However, the dead lady took Vitamin C tablets at the same time with those prawns. Then this is a problem.
Researchers from Chicago Uni in America has done an experiment in laboratories and found out that the shell of prawns containing alot of postasium 5, which is then combined with Arsenic to become Arsenic Oxide (As2O5). These Raw foods may not be poisonous to human. However, eating prawns' shell and Vitamin C (may imply other sour tasting fruits/vegies that contain Vitamin C) will make Arsenic Oxide to become the poison ADB arsenic anhydride (As203), which is the chemical that is used for plates and bows decorations in olden days.

This Arsenic poison will cause human's blood veins to become malfunctioning and breaking? Hence it caused bleeding to human body organs and die soon after.
So I guess, moderation is always the key and not combine Vitamin C with prawns' shell? Good luck!
Feb 28, 2010 08:45
GUESTADUNDAG... Hi, my Aunt was diagnosed with Mesothelioma about 5 weeks ago, she is not doing good and her family goes to pursue the matter in court versus the insurance corporation of her former employer. I'm curious how mesothelioma settlements work because I understand they'd abundant rather settle than attend court and pay out all that cash in legal fees. Are there completely different types of damages that can be awarded?
Apr 19, 2010 23:58
GUESTRANDI B... lol! thats the funniest thing ive ever heard! first of all arsenic is an ELEMENT. there is no alchemy going on in your stomach unless you are smashing atoms together in your stomach (in that case ud be dead anyway). if it were true, wed have a lot of sick shrimp lovers. so theres no worries. i dont like shrimp anyway. i dont like the way it tastes so no worries either way.
May 4, 2010 18:34
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I had vitamin c and Prawns yesterday.
May 6, 2010 02:33
GUESTMINNI Wow. but anyhow you are OK now. Sometimes, I neglect what i already known may do harm to my body...Not thatserious, but have loose bowels
May 26, 2010 01:38

Originally Posted by GUESTITS

Rubbish; i always taken and continue to take mega dosage of vit C (1000mg) even after dining on seafood containing jumbo size prawns. Still living healthy!

May 26, 2010 01:41

Originally Posted by GUEST48231

That is right too, most of the humans will not to notice those thing, so i also wondering why they have such thinking....
Oct 13, 2010 08:29
GUEST33231 Hi guys!

I respect everybody's opinion about this matter but my suggestion is not to take it lightly because i had experienced intoxication after eating shrimps and oranges,i went to bed as usual but i woke up in the middle of the night unknowing that my hands neck and ears were swollen while i was asleep,i woke up because of the pain on the hands and it was turning purple and after a while i started experiencing skin irritation bumpy skins followed by swells so i don't want any one to go through the same experience but
If any one develops this symptom's after consuming shrimps+vitamin C despite of knowing consequences i suggest them to throw out what they have eaten by vomiting and try to get quick medical attention.

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