How to export HARLEY-DAVIDSON motorcycles to China?
Jan 6, 2011 22:34
guest05624 I am interested in Exporting Harley-Davidson motorcycles from the USA into China. These are used (second hand) rebuilt/reconditioned motorcycles, with low mileage. Harley-Davidson motorcycles have the best reputation as heavy duty, reliable motorcycles.
Does anyone know the process once they arrive at the port of entry?
- how to release them from customs.
- how to make them comply to local laws and codes.
- how to distribute them.
- is there a good demand for them in china?
Any information will be helpful.
Jan 8, 2011 07:12
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i don't think the local government in big cities like the idea. some cities just forbit more motorcycles, cause they'll make more traffic icidents. you don't know how crowdy China is.
Jan 9, 2011 07:49
GUEST05624 Ritaiha,
Thanks for your response.
It's hard to imagine that local governments in the big cities just forbid the sale of large motorcycles. I've heard that Guangzhou bans all motorcycles, but the reason is "purse snatching", not accidents.
Actually the fact is, that there are 7 Harley-Davidson dealers in China already,
so there is some demand for these fine machines, enough to keep these dealerships in business.
My questions remain, and they apply to all imported goods into China: how do you release the goods at the port of entry? (procedure of customs, paperwork, shipping and handling, etc.), how do you advertise them for sale?
Any idea?
Jan 24, 2011 18:32
GUESTTONY I buy and sell Harley Davidson,I would like to start selling overseas.Do you have any advise for me?
Jan 26, 2011 08:54
GUEST01146 Guesttony, where do you do your business?
Mar 31, 2011 23:25
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1.I think you can find a good market for your Harley-Davidson because of his reputation and Chinese rich people.Guangzhou is speciall ,not other cities in China.
2. It is easier and convient to find an agent to develop the business in China at the beginning beacause
you are not familiar with Chinese law and procedure which are complicated.
3.It need some time to develop your market in China because you have no distributors.
4. I am interested in your plan. Contact me if you want to discuss more with me.

David Wu
Mobile 0086- 18258979305
Skype ID: davidwu1103
Apr 21, 2011 03:44
GUEST20144 I have lived in China the past several you have any suggestions on the best way to have my personal Harley shipped to Haining from the USA ? Thanks
Oct 16, 2011 19:19
GUESTFOREIGN... My advice having done business here is don't trust anyone. THe rules here are different and so many Foreigners get ripped-off mercilessly by chinese buinessmen. It is considered an act of competence and manliness in business if you screw the other party... even chinese-chinese relationships.
I personally know 22 people who have lost more than a little money in business deals that are renegotiated after the contract and the chinese party has what they want... and they always want more!
Whilst Chinese people ar very nice, sociable and considerate, when it comes to business they are immoral and corrupt by even the lowest Western standards. Do NOT trust a Chinese businessman or business.
They have a saying here amongst the Chinese: Smile to their face whilst you sharpen your knife behind your back where they can't see.

Be warned, and be VERY careful. GuanXi (pronounced: 'Gwahn Shee'. The extremely corrupt chinese version of relationships and networking beyond anything we can imagine and as foreigners NEVER participate in as we will always be outsiders) will cause judges to rule against you no matter how clearly in the right and justified you are. The only law here is whoever has the GuanXi to weild the bigger hammer.
May 17, 2012 20:36
GUEST65146 I see no one has really answer this question...I am also now in China and would like to bring my Harley over here. I went to the HD dealer and they said "No way" but they do not know why not.
Aug 20, 2012 16:53

Originally Posted by GUEST65146

I see no one has really answer this question...I am also now in China and would like to bring my Harley over here. I went to the HD dealer and they said "No way" but they do not know why not.

They do know why but they won't tell you...Maybe because they are contractually bound to buy their motorcycles from HD and nobody else.
Sep 10, 2012 16:11
GUEST44231 As I will be moving to China mid Jan 2013, I am looking to get a bike over there. I am in Australia so no use sending mine in China from here. Best bet is for me to import one from the US to China. I do have the contacts for shipping to Fuzhou, where I will be living. I'm lucky I have the contacts there through my chinese wife. Local laws for Harley's are no problem as her Uncle is in the local polices etc.
My issue is finding a bike in the US to ship.

From what I can tell each province has its own rules and regs.
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