what does "sexy" really mean?
Dec 1, 2007 23:54
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I agree with much of what people have stated here already.

I'll just summarize my impressions of what 'sexy' means and doesn't mean.

The word comes down to whether a person finds another person sexually appealing.
That in essence is what 'sexy' means.

After all we are not talking about whether we find a person to be charming, or brainy, or otherwise attractive or appealing. We are talking sex here, ultimately. That is the root of the word sexy.

For some strange reason the word has been taken out of context in the past 50 years or so and has lost much of its original meaning as a result. As has been pointed out, cars and electronics and computers and you name it, almost anything marketed today can be described as 'sexy'. Marketers quickly learned that sex sells, and so they feel now that calling a product 'sexy' is an easy way to sell it. This is a complete misuse of the word.

BTW, sexy is not purely visual or doesn't always apply to a person's figure. Someone can have a sexy voice or a sexy smile or a sexy touch or sexy scent etc.

Dec 2, 2007 19:57
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Wow, Moondollars, I thought I am the only girl who thinks that way. I find intelligent men sexy too, no matter how they look like. Hmm… does that mean I am attracted to nerds? ^_^”

Another thing I find sexy in men is sense of humor. I just love men who can crack jokes no matter how silly or those who are not so uptight that they can laugh at themselves. I find men sexy too if they are not so conscious of their “image and manliness”. Men who are not afraid to show their feelings or emotions, I think that is just very cute.

The biggest turn-offs are those who are bitter and can’t seem to find anything good in the world. Too negative for me. I don’t care if he looks like Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake or Tom Cruise.

By the way, we're talking sexy here as in appealing, desirable or endearing. Yea, the meaning has evolved through the years.
Dec 3, 2007 12:49
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First and foremost we must remember that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and as such, view all things sexual in different ways. :)

Intelligence, sense of humour, not afraid to show feelings/emotions. These are qualities that women often look for in a man. Are they inherently sexy? Not for a man.

Now if you are saying that these qualities in a man get you sexually excited, then I will agree they are sexy or sexually appealing to you. But if they are simply qualities that you look for in a man who may be a prospective boyfriend or lover or husband, then they are simply characteristics that you find appealing.

If they happen to 'turn you on', get you excited in a sexual way, then yes they could also be considered sexy.

But I suppose you could also argue that they provide a 'delayed sexual attraction', ie. the sex part comes much later, after you've started dating each other. I suppose I could buy that. :)
Dec 3, 2007 14:07
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Sexy is overused word in Finland, nowadays some politicians are sexy here. They are "media-sexy" ???? Word sexy is put everywhere, it has become only a word among other words, meaning really nothing.

But sexy woman? Can´t explane, only feel it when see one.

Feb 4, 2008 14:06
GUESTILUVNURO i think that sexy means that u r PHYSICALLY BEAUITFUL DUHHH!
Aug 26, 2008 21:07
GUESTDANA Recently I learned that a man I met almost two years ago at a luncheon told a friend that I mezmerized him. Now we are meeting again after almost two years and he told another friend of mine who questioned him why he would remember a one-time meeting almost two years ago, and he said I was beautiful. I really hope he was talking about my personality, intellect, and my physical appearance. I realize that men are visual but it's really nice when a man notices something more than the outside of the package.
Aug 27, 2008 03:48
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Dana - this guy only remembers your appearance, although he would never admit that. Sorry for the bad news
Aug 27, 2008 21:00
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what does "sexy" really mean?

It means all men stare at you when you pass by them. If a guy bump into a post while seeing you walking on the street, that means you are very sexy in his eyes.
Sep 2, 2008 14:38
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Dana, I don't agree with BARONTWA. He likely noticed and remembered much more than your appearance two years later. Many physically beautiful women pass by but what would hold a guys memory for two years had to go much deeper....the depth and sparkle in your eyes as you talked with him, your smile and laughter, your intelligence, your compassion, depth, sensitivity, the tone of your voice, the way you flicked your hair and the many differences that make you, the dress you were wearing and how you were made up, the way you can make a man's dreams, what you talked about. I think these are all the things that go into making a woman sexy and beautiful to one and maybe not to another. Simple physical beauty can be viewed as sexy but not the sexy that still touches a guy and can drive him wild two years later. And the sexy I have described makes you much more sexually attractive than the simple physical beauty BARONTWA gave you credit for. If he remembered you for only a few days or even weeks, BARONTWA may be more right but this doesn't seem to be the case here, in my view. I hope it leads to much more for you as the longer and deeper sexuality is such a nice part of a relationship....and in many ways even defies time.....
Nov 19, 2008 05:16
GUEST32166 Sexy is whatever you want it to be...
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