My Yunnan Trip 

Written by Mr. VICTOR Jun 1, 2011 20:05
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Had been planning it for almost three months, we finally set off our trip to Yunnan at noon of 2011/03/23. It was very cloudy in Shenzhen but sunny in Kunming, which made us very happy and helped complete our plan smoothly. After arriving at Kunming airport and claiming the luggage, we took a taxi to the booked hotel, Green Lake View Hotel. Held up by traffic several times, we got there 40 minutes later.

Green Lake View Hotel

After checking in, we immediately went to visit Yunnan Military Academy, one of the three most famous military schools in Qing Dynasty. It was not far from the hotel and we reached it by foot. Unfortunately, it was closed when we were there (the opening time is 09:00-17:00). But we said some kind words to the staff there and they let us take some photos in the yard and at the gate.

Yunnan Military Academy

Slightly opposite the Academy, was the west gate of Cuihu Lake Park. It was a beautiful and quiet park with green plants and clear water.
Cuihu Lake

It already passed 1800 but the sun had not gone out when we left Cuihu Lake, so we headed for the No.1 scene of Kunming Eight Scenes, Golden horse green jade chicken lane. It was two arches separately named golden horse and green jade chicken. There were many shops and flowers along the road side of the pedestrian street opposite the Jingbi Square nearby. We found a 'delicacy street' in the basement of a shopping department, I forgot its name. There were many local dishes there and I ate rice noodles. I couldn't say it was delicious, buy indeed different from the one in Shenzhen.
Golden horse green jade chicken lane

It was cloudy on 24th, but we decided to visit Haigeng Park and the Western Hills as planned. After having breakfast at the hotel, we went to Daguan Street at 0830 to take bus no.160, which we waited for about half an hour. It turned out to be a small bus and we reached the Haigeng Park at sharp 1000. There were a few people in the park except several old people. The quiet environment, green lake and blossoming flowers made this park like a fairy land.

Passing by the Delicacy Square and walking through the Hubin Road later, we just reached the Dianchi Lake. Because it was cloudy and foggy near the water area, the sky and the water were in the same color. The Western Hills in the distance peered from the fog. What mysterious beautiful scenery!
Dianchi Lake

At around 1130, the fog gradually vanished. We decided to have lunch around the Longmen Cable station, and then took the cable to Western Hills. There was only one restaurant near the cableway entrance, whose food was terrible.

A single cable trip was rmb40 per one and it took about 10 minutes. It was exciting to see the Dinchi Lake under my foot from the cable car. Entering the Western Hills Park, the staff there told us we could climb the hill by cable, battery car or foot. We were a little tired and decided to take the battery car. But the car didn't set off immediately after we bought the ticket. We waited till it received 8 passengers. The trip turned out to be another 10 minutes (we would have walked if we know it). However, the stop was not the peak of Western Hills, but another scenic area inside the park, which we needed to pay separately. As we didn't want to miss any scenic area, we paid for it. Luckily, it turned out to worth it. It took us about an hour to climb the Western Hills. The view was amazing up there and we could oversee the Dianchi Lake. We stayed a little longer on the hill and then took the cable down the hill to the west gate of the Western Hills Park. There were many buses there running to the downtown area and we took one back to Kunming.
on the Western Hills

After finishing the tour in Kunming, we also visited Dali and Lijiang in next five days, which I thought were even more beautiful. I'll write their travel reviews too if I get time.

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