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Jul 5, 2013 07:50

Kunming – Stone Forest (June / 2013)

Very nice place to see, but way over priced! Here is the deal. We used a “so called” reputable hotel travel agent, in which you can get tickets to various parks. Since only my wife and daughter are Chinese, according to this agency (which ... Details

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May 15, 2013 08:39

Stone Forest scenic spot to be known as "karst landforms sword shape topography of Karst" (Karst) as the main characteristics. Million years of Ganoderma lucidum and the stone forest scenic area consists of Northwest sentry hill, center and small stone forest, south the Liziyuan Jing five ... Details

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Jan 22, 2013 09:10

The WiFi is only available if you have a Chinese mobile! So good luck. I finally found a café next to the departure gates (Gate 70) that offers real WiFi. The airport lacks of services to cater foreigners. Very nice airport, but poorly served, especially in English. The information booth was ... Details

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Jun 1, 2011 20:05

Had been planning it for almost three months, we finally set off our trip to Yunnan at noon of 2011/03/23. It was very cloudy in Shenzhen but sunny in Kunming, which made us very happy and helped complete our plan smoothly. After arriving at Kunming airport and claiming the luggage, we took a taxi to ... Details

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Mar 19, 2011 03:42

We stayed there for a full week in March 2011. It is a very short walk to the train sta. and the bus terminal. Right now a subway is being constructed on the road in front of the hotel, so there is noise and dirty air. Because of this, it would be best to get a room on the back side of the hotel. ... Details

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Jan 26, 2010 19:02

We have heard of Yunnan of China for long. Finally, my husband and I took part in a 9-day Yunnan Tour during the past christmas Holiday. What surprised me first when we arrived at Kunming was the airport is so near to the urban area that it only took about 10 minutes for us to get to the downtown ... Details

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Apr 6, 2007 02:04

The world horticultural garden exposition in northest Kunming is a global exposition of the highest degree. First opened in May of 1999, this theme park remains a dazzling display of sights, sounds and colors. Containing dozens of theme gardens, this park will impress and amaze anyone interested in ... Details

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Mar 8, 2007 04:03

I agreed at almost the last moment to fly down to Kunming to meet two friends for a break from the frozen north. They were on a long winter holiday trek through Yunnan, I just needed a break, but I didn't want to be on the road much longer than a week. Just needed time and space to clear my head, that's ... Details

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Nov 23, 2006 18:11

When the icy fingers of Winter whip the last leaves from the trees and the world turns bare and brown, nothing assuages the eyes and soul more than a trip to the City of Eternal Spring. Migrating south to find a hint of color and the soft touch of sunshine promises refuge and respite from the dreariness ... Details

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Apr 25, 2006 15:04

Kunming. My friend Daniel and I flew into Kunming after a few relaxing days in Hainan during the last half of Spring Festival last year. We'd heard that it was Spring City and were looking forward to a few more mild days before going back to the snow in Hebei. We'd booked a night in a hotel online with ... Details

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