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huangshan trip
CCCHEN | Mar 9, 2012 21:33

Can anyone please tell me the following:

1. Can we plan the trip without going through the formal tours?
2. What is the advantage of using the tours which are expensive.
3. Is a tour with Chinese guide (not English) much cheaper? If so, how can we find those from the US?

Yellow Mountain Winter 2007/2008
LEMONCACTUS | Jan 1, 2008 21:04

Having just come back from 3 days up Yellow Mountain, I just wanted to leave a few tips to those planning winter trips this year.

1. There are various areas that are closed, due to ICE and SNOW until the end of March 2008. These are: The West Sea Grand Canyon Route, The Lotus Peak and the Heavenly City Peak.

2. Access via walking, or cable car from the East, West and North are all OK.

3. No SNOW at the moment.

4. Entrance fee: 120RMB or 100RMB with student card.

5. Cable cars, when I was there, were still charging 55RMB per person/one way!

6. Mountain is still very busy, would advise booking rooms/beds ahead if possible.

7. Temperatures below zero, between -2 and -10.

OK, think that's all for now, have a great trip :)



A visit to the Yellow Mountain

Huangshan Fairyland