Have you ever heard of a (BTA) basic travel allowance?
Jan 19, 2010 22:46
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We can take it good or bad, both are ok---
Now many educated Chinese girl doing sex work business. They can do every thing for money.
on the other hand, many chinese educated girls are too foolish. For example, one of my female friend, give 1600 x 3= 4800 RMB to a broker for her VISA but she did not get visa.
She is near Shanghai. I asked her , why you not go there and try by yourself?
Jan 20, 2010 11:54
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In the court of law a person is innocent until proven guilty, beyond reasonable doubt. I share what LP has stated and it could be she has sent her passport to a bogus agent. It's good if you can talk to her and don't jump to conclusion. I feel you are a kind person, so continue your kindness until... May God bless you always.
Nov 12, 2010 07:11
GUEST32162 I realy cant say cause i fell in love with a lady in nigeria and she is telling me the something so i dont know.
Jan 31, 2011 12:50
GUEST12854 Its all a SCAM. There is NO such thing as BTA. Have you never traveled before??? And if you have, how many times have you been asked to produce evidence of money in your possession? I have NEVER been asked the question and I travel overseas at least 4 times a year. DO NOT FALL FOR IT.
Mar 18, 2011 15:47
GUEST14204 Just had the same thing happen to me. Met a guy online who said he lived in Washington with a daughter, then had to leave to work in Malaysia for a month. We talked and talked on the phone and internet, then he had a car accident needed money for hospital bills or they would not treat him. Then ran out of money for the material and labor on the job he was suppose to be overseeing. Finally sent him money for tickets to come home to me and his daughter (whom I never met and she is in boarding school, don't even know if it exists since he never gave me the name of the school). He even sent a copy of the itinerary for his flight. I show up at the airport last Saturday and he never got off the plane. Got an email a day later saying he didn't have the BTA (Basic Traveling Expense) and they would not let him board the plane. After 7 months of a relationship and thousands of dollars, there were many "red flags" but like others on this posting, I fell in love with him (or his picture) and who I thought was real and he with me - turns out, I was a fool and it has all been a scam. I've heard very little from him in the past week which tells me he realizes I am on to him and won't send any more money so he's moving on to another victim. Please, Please, be very careful with these internet romances, I am fairly intelligent and a professional but still got taken for thousands. Hope this helps someone and it doesn't happen to them.
May 7, 2011 09:33
GUEST14539 Hey guest 14204 what was the mans name u were talking too?? I feel like we are talking to the same person!!!
Oct 6, 2011 16:33
GUEST19241 I have question for you BTA is that true that there must be a money to carry with from this state to state like NEvada to South Dakota????
Oct 8, 2012 10:24
GUEST06268 Do not send anything. Its a scam. I have been victimized for visa, plane ticket, bta twice and tried another one for a different reason (like custom held her). Then I said no more. The lady you chatting with and travel agent works together. I dont expect to hear from them again.

I was also blinded by the love, please don't do it and spread the words.

Still healing from the pain...and trying to figure how to get some of my money back...probably not gonna happen. I sent them thru WU fyi.

Check out for scams...
Dec 13, 2012 16:19
GUEST07364 hi i had same experience can u tell me the name of that girl pls because i meet a girl it is strange is like same story of mine ty.
Dec 28, 2012 13:01
GUEST67126 Past experience tells me you were being scammed I too fell for this shit dont trust anyone when meeting online, I am out a lot of money and now i am screwed. BTA is only from scammers.
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