Salt and Chilli chips (fries)
Dec 21, 2011 21:20
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Im hoping someone can help me with a recipie for salt and chillie chips, my local Chinese/Cantonese restaurant have these salt and chilli chips (well we call them chips in the UK but americans would called them fries) and ive tried to make them myself but cant seem to get it right.

They seem to have a thin coating of a crispy batter on them with salt and chilli flakes in it but I cant seem to get it right.

Ive tried a normal batter with flour, water etc but when frying them the batter doesnt stick to the chips but expands like a balloon around it.

Do you know of any recipie for salt and chilli chips?



Dec 28, 2011 02:11
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Potato chips? I found this on the internet and didn't know if it was useful to you.


Have you ever had salt and chilli chips from a Chinese restaurant? Give These a try, hopefully you wont be disappointed

WW Frozen Oven Chips (3 points worth)
1 medium onion
Half of each, green & red pepper
half small chilli pepper(red or green
2 teaspoons dried chilli seeds, flakes (adjust to own taste)
Low cal spray oil


1. Sprinkle frozen chips with salt, pepper and spray oil. Shake in oven tray and cook till almost ready.

2. Slice onion in half and slice each half into strips.

3. Cut peppers into thin strips also and slice chilli pepper.

4. Place onions, peppers and chilli pepper in wok, spray with oil and fry off for a few minutes.

5. Sprinkle liberally with salt and lots of black pepper(this is what gives it extra kick but you dont need to if you want it milder.

6. When your chips are nice and crispy, add them to wok and toss with some spray oil, then add the dried chilli seeds and flakes, seasoning to your own taste.

7. Enjoy!

Dec 29, 2011 01:39
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I made fried chips with kidney beans last week. Maybe, you can cook it on your own. It was delicious.


Apr 24, 2012 12:03
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Ok, a take away here in the north west UK does similar without the batter.
the ingredients are easily sourceable

you will need: As many Froen chips as you like/ portion of chippy chips!
"bullhead" Barbecue sauce - (check link) this isnt like our western Barbecue sauce!

3 Garlic Cloves,
1/2 Red/green Pepper
1 white onion (medium sized)

Chilli x 15 (red and green) (finger or bird eye work best) i use 15 but you make for own taste!


1.cook frozen chips or have chippy chips available a wok, heat groundnut or choice of oil the Oil Add 2 breakfast spoons of Bull head Barbecue sauce with a little of the oil from the jar or can! this add, onions and fry to just slightly tender now add garlic and onion and pepper continue to fry until ingredients are looking cooked to this then add chips (fries)
5. enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

After you have tasted these babies you wont want the takeaways, these are just fantastic and you can mess about with the ammounts of BBQ sauce yourself to get the desired taste u want. I have many chinese friends who come specifically for my chilli chips!


Paul Miller

May 10, 2013 10:40
GUEST19545 i have just read jamie olivers take on these u peel ur potatoe and put into plastic bag with chilli flakes salt and pepper and olive oil give it a good shake put it in roasting tray and cook until ready and give them extra seasoning to taste hope this helps u xx
May 15, 2013 01:49
GUEST14831 That will really be a great one way to enjoy your food.
Sep 1, 2016 10:51
GUEST72170 Make a thick batter add salt mix CHILI powder,ginger,garlic. Dip chips in and fry. Finish by frying onions and peppers and adding into the chips.
Oct 6, 2016 12:57
GUEST53191 First off, I know that to really do these properly you need to deep fry the begesus out of them but this method comes with a tiny flaw, or more accurately described – a probable or at least higher than average likely hood of a terrible house fire. Or it may be just the way I do it. Hot, fast and wrong. Either way they don’t cost you about £4.50 for what is essentially spicy chips, the other bonus being you’re far less likely to die in the process.

Instead of a near death experience for you and and your loved ones/others in the immediate vicinity I put forward the conventional fan oven. Or oven. Whatever, just don’t fry them or you may die.

This method is fool proof, I know this because I regularly do it after a night out and am still alive all be it with the odd burn from the oven shelf – you can get stripes on your arms and or hands.

Turn the oven on to heat to 220/V hot while you get the rest of the stuff together.

You will need:

Frozen Chips (Oven cook obviously, but we’ve covered this. Should UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE be french fries. So thick, ish. Crinkle cut if you like.
Portion size = Hungriness/people.

You need to adjust the below to the potion you’re cooking, below is for 1-3 people but a minimum. Vary the onions and chilli until you have the ratio you want. Remember the more you add the more steam the veg will give off – too much is bad for the chips

1-2 Onions, cut into segments. Like a tangerine is.

Chilli peppers 2-3 Red/green cut into rings 2cm wide or bigger

Chinese 5 spice dusting (try the Thai seven spice and let me know)

Garlic – 1/2 cloves cut in half

1-2 Peppers – Green/red cut to the same segment size as the onion.

Easiest way is to dump all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix with a drizzle of veg/olive oil, adding the 5 spice a shake at a time until lightly covered. Word of warning the 5 spice is potent so not too much is required – a mild dusting, too much would be hideous. The oil is only so the 5 spice sticks better – oven chips don’t need oil but the veg does for it to stick.

Pour the mixed ingredients onto your baking tray and cook until the onions/chilli start to curl and char slightly – which should be the same time as the chips take to cook. If you cut the onions, chillies and peppers to the same size they should cook at the same time.

Get the tray out of the oven when cooked and douse liberally to your liking with soy sauce, ground black pepper and salt (if you need more).

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