Will Michael Jordan win his lawsuit against China Qiaodan Sports Company?
Feb 25, 2012 20:05
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On Feb. 23, 2012, Basketball legend Michael Jordan announced that he has sued China Qiaodan Sports Company who used his name without his authorisation.

Seeing 'Qiaodan Sports'. everyone knows that the interprise takes advantage of Jordan's popularity, since in Chinese Jordan is known here as 'Qiaodan'. However, the problem is that this conduct may not be illegal according to the present law of China. To Qiaodan Sports, they have registered the trade-mark 'Qiaodan' at the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, so they have the legal right to use the trademark. of course, there are some cases stipulated in the Trademark Law of China that a country name or similar to it can not be applied as a trademark, but names of social celebrities are not within the protect scope of the law. As a result, Qiaodan Sports got the trademark successfully.

To Michael Jordan, he launched a lawsuit against Qiaodan Sports, but his real opponent may be the the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce instead of Fujian Province-based Qiaodan Sports Co Ltd. Only if Jordan can overthrow the original decision of the Trademark Office, can he negate Qiaodan Sports' legal posess of the trademark fundamentally.

Generally speaking, the mass of public opinion is on the side of Jordan on Jordan's lawsuit against Fujian Qiaodan Sport. However, it seems to be very difficult for Jordan to win his case based on the present law of China. Most peopel predict that the result would be Qiaodan Sports pay some money to Jordan to end the issue.
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Feb 26, 2012 20:26
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That's to be expected. I heard that it has been widely spread that Qiaodan Sports' trademark will cause dispute when the company is working up to go public in the domestic market. To many Chinese customers, they wrongly think that the'Qiaodan' is an authorized brand by the American Basketball Star Jordan. Most of the Chinese sports interprise go listed abroad, but Qiaodan Sports chooses to be listed through Shanghai Stock Exchange. The most important reason is that Qiaodan Sports tries to avoid trademark infringement.

Jordan said he was very disappointed by Qiaodan Sports' violation of his Chinese name and even the name of his children. However, Qiaodan Sports thinks that 'Jordan' is just an ordinary foreign name with out any specificity and has no correspondence with the basketball star Micheal Jordan. At the same time, why didn't Jordan put forward any objection before?

In addition to the law of China that Cheryl mentioned above, I think it is very difficult for Jordan to win the case.
Feb 27, 2012 15:40
You could make a good lawyer. (Then you will be rich).
Feb 28, 2012 01:21
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No matter what Qiaodan Sports Company say, they can not deny that they take advantage of Michael Jorden to promote their products. If you go into their stores, you will see that Michael Jordan's basketball games are played repeatedly.

Unfortunately, Qiaodan is just a Chinese translation to Jordan. The trademark Qiaodan and Jordan are two different things. How clever Qiaodan Sports Company is! It takes advantage of Michael Jordan to make huge amount of money but Michael Jordan is not very likely to sue him.
Feb 28, 2012 21:19
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sure Michael Jordan will win!
Mar 27, 2012 02:27
GUEST03213 As always, Chinese ruining it for everyone
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